Platin Monaco 5.1.2 Wireless Home Theatre Review – WiSA HT Certified THX Tuned Dolby Atmos


The Platin Monaco Center Channel Speaker contains two drivers and a tweeter and the company has not published any additional specs.  All speakers are constructed of a solid and heavy material with a premium look flat back exterior. One thing we will mention is that the speakers are a magnet for the oils of ones hand and fingerprints are inevitable on the surface when touched.  We have found literature that states the wattage of the Platin Monaco 5.1 Home Cinema to be 270W but cannot find anything for this upgraded 5.1.2 configuration.

The two front speakers measure 9.5″ x 4.3″ x 5.5″ and contain one driver and one tweeter for the front left and right speakers, along with another up-firing driver on each speaker for Dolby Atmos applications.

We can attest to the fact that the up-firing speakers provide much more of a punch which fills the room very well.

The rear surround satellites measure 6.7″H x 4.3″W x 5.5″D and contain one driver and one tweeter.  On the bottom of each is a permanent foam padding and center port for a 12mm long M6x1.0 screw to secure the speaker to a mount or stand.

The back of each Monaco speaker is rather unique compared to what we see in normal speakers, and not only because there are no connectors for speaker wire.  On the top left is a small sticker designating the speakers position as we spoke of. This sticker simply designates that all speakers have been pre-configured with the SoundSend Audio Transmitter for ease of setup.  They can be changed by way of the SoundSend App, if need be.

Below that sticker in the center area is an LED for Network Link confirmation and an ‘Associate’ button beside that just in case the speaker needs to be synced for any reason. At the bottom is a Service Port (haven’t a clue) and the power port. When connecting, two flashing green LEDS are present which turn to one solid green LED when connected. If for any reason one sees a flashing red LED, this identifies that the speaker has yet to be configured into the surround setup.  Simply press the ‘Associate’ button.

The Platin Monaco subwoofer measures 5.3″H x 10.2″D x 12.2″W and contains a 6.3″ driver the faces the floor.  Being just 5.3″ high, we have seen recommendations of placement under ones couch, however, we haven’t quite seen things in that respect just yet. Aside from the Network Link LED, Associate Button and Service Port. there is a power switch, button and connectors for a wired/wireless connection, as well as two buttons and an LED for increasing or decreasing the volume.  The volume can also be adjusted via app.


The SoundSend App has been very well thought out and the first screen allows one to fine tune their speaker TRIM while the second provides for specific speaker chimes, channel checks and releasing a speaker from the system for more specific configurations.  One may notice that, for my menu, their are actually 11 speakers which account for the two extra surround and additional amp. This is apparently the maximum number of components one can use.

The Audio Settings Menu provides for HDMI (ARC) or Optical (TOSLINK) connection, lipsync adjustment and additional tonal adjustments. The most useful feature is Audio Mode which can be be switched from Direct to Movie Mode which creates a virtual Atmos environment for movies that haven’t that feature. In addition, there is a Music selection along with a Night selection which dulls down the punch during late night viewing.

The Advanced Settings menu has Speaker Config for specifying your specific configuration (2.0/7.1/5.1/5.1.2/etc), Channel Check to confirm each speaker is working and in the right place, MyZone which allows you to identify speaker distance, Scan for Speakers, Audio Format which identifies the format being pushed from the TV, along with Device Version.

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  1. Norman Hendrickson

    Nice. Might have to get rid of the Acoustimass System I have and go with this, at some point. Didn’t find it on Amazon…but Platin does have it on their site.

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