Platin Monaco 5.1 Wireless Cinema Sound System Review – Wireless 5.1 Home Cinema At Its Best


Speaking of sound reproduction wouldn’t be right without clarifying that this great room measures 40ft x 18ft with a cathedral ceiling some 25ft high.  My receiver is a Denon AVR-S740H which is a 7 channel amp pushing 75W per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD, with 2 channels driven.  On moving here, I was initially using a 16 speaker Orb Audio Mod4X Custom 7.1 Modular Home Theatre Speaker System that I originally reviewed here. We struggled to hear voices and those speakers just didn’t fill the room as they did in our former residence.

After alot of reading and frustration with that present set up, we moved in two BIC America Acoustech PL980 750W 3-way speakers with an Acoustech PL28II 225W 3-way as we believed that bigger speakers could fill this room…and they do. Go big or go home right?  It is rather amusing as a single BIC woofer is larger than an entire Platin satellite speaker.

The sound that comes from the Monaco’s is actually surprising as the voices are easily understood and the sound matches perfectly with the picture.  It is a crisp sound that fills the room very well and, although I think Platin could invest in a larger sub, this one punches out nicely when turned up, much more than one might expect for such a small sub in fact.  Also, if I hadn’t first seen the size of these satellites, I would never believe they are so small.  They provide BIG, clear and quality sound. The Satellite front is face shorter than my smartphone and just slightly wider.  That is how truly compact these are.

Having said that, this system may be ‘Tuned by THX’ and most would be happy watching You Tube or listening to music but there just isn’t any comparison to the ‘big sound’ of the Denon receiver and BICs when it comes to spending a day listening to music.  It isn’t the speakers so much as their reach in this concert hall of a great room. As a comparison to the Orbs however, the Monaco’s are miles ahead in sound quality, and less than 1/3 of the cost.  Point to note for WiSA that I bet the WiSA Certified Klipsch Reference Wirelesss 5.1 Home Theatre System might fit this room rather well.


I was surprised that our request for review of the Platin Monaco 5.1 Wireless Speaker System was approved as we are based in Canada, yet this product isn’t available here.  Fortunately we have a very strong US and overseas reach.  Checking the US for online and brick and mortar sales or even trying to find published reviews was also very difficult.  I simply don’t understand this as all the user reviews found were overwhelmingly positive and this product is simply dynamite.

We can find pricing in the US at $999 which is also a great price when you consider what you would pay for same through other brands, although this really isn’t offered exactly in this fashion anywhere. One can also check out the Platin Store here where there is presently a $50 discount code and the ability to get free stands with your purchase.


We have put the Platin Monaco 5.1 Wireless Cinema Sound System through its paces for some time now and have well over 40 movies watched, as well as having spent a great deal of time listening to music.  We have yet to have any speakers lose connection or lose quality of sound in any fashion, nor have we experienced any issues whatsoever.  I am sitting here listening to an older movie, Scent of a Woman, in 5.1 right now and it sounds fantastic.  Voices are clear and I can identify unique sound from all speakers, the latter being something missed with my 3.1 setup.

Going back to our Orbs, I remember struggling to hear voices, and even more annoying, having the better half stop and replay scenes to hear what was said.  This was not the case with the BIC Acoustech and it certainly isn’t the case with our newest Platin Monaco 5.1 Home Cinema.  In fact, the wife likes these much more than the BICS as she found the deep sound of such large speakers overwhelming at times, spending some time turning the volume up and down during  a movie.

Myself, I can easily relate that the Platin Monaco’s are more than a step above what one might find for a similarly priced home cinema with wired speakers, or any wireless solution.  The Platin Monaco 5.1 Wireless Cinema Sound System has brought back the enjoyment of true Dolby 5.1 to my ears and has found a home here.  Now about that return label and instructions… Editor’s Choice!

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  1. I am about to purchase this system. Thanks for the great review. Other reviews are similarly positive. I am trying to find a way to solve the Atmos challenge. All the package surround speakers have horizontal drivers. I have seen a Wias ceiling speaker, but was wondering if you know of a compliant surround speaker with a vertical driver. Thanks for any input you can provide.

    Ps: I am also thinking of trying to find an alternative subwoofer. One of the reviews thought this was the week point in the system.

    • I do not and would appreciate if you can send me the link to the WIAS ceiling picture. Unfortunately in my particular set up with a ceiling 25 plus feet high, this is a challenge that I could not overcome. As for the subwoofer, you can double up two wireless, but yes, I understand that as well. Having said that, I absolutely love this solution to my cinema dilemma, although not the perfect one. Very happy with the sound FX.

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