Summit WiSA Transmitter Review & The Platin Monaco 5.1.2 Comes Alive with Wireless Dolby ATMOS


The WiSA Transmitter that was sent did not have any branding on it but we are going to guess it is identical to the LG Innotek (LGIT) WiSA Wireless Audio Tx Dongle.  It is a USB flash drive that has the same specs as the SoundSend Audio Transmitter from the last review, but for the fact that this plugs directly into a USB port behind your TV rather than HDMI using ARC/eARC.

WiSA Ready TV’s such as our LG OLED C1 have a menu within that helps with setup and your speakers will be identified immediately if they hadn’t been associated to anything prior, as ours was to the SoundSend transmitter.  We had to release them by holding the ‘Associate’ button for five seconds until a tone was heard and then again pressed the LED button on the WiSA Dongle for several seconds to associate the new dongle with the speakers.

A valuable lesson learned….  Specifications of the LG OLED75C1AUB specifically state WiSA “5.1” ready which meant just that.  We weren’t going to be getting 7.1 or even Atmos 5.1.2 sound anytime soon on this TV as we had with the SoundSend Transmitter.  That only took us a few hours of frustration to figure out and is typical of other ‘WiSA Ready’ TVs, so it seems.

The menu for the WiSA Dongle/flash drive within the TV itself pales in comparison to that of the App in place with the SoundSend receiver on your smartphone.

The TV menu for the WiSA Transmitter Dongle allows one to associate and place speakers and to even set a volume for each speaker.  It does not have such things as Speaker Trim, Audio Mode along with the ability to add an optical (TOSLINK) cable, MyZone where you can set the distance of each speaker,  as well as tonal management of your sound.  This only works with the SoundSend receiver as it uses Bluetooth.

As much as we can speak to the difference of a SoundSend or Axiim in comparison to a WiSA Transmitter,  availability of the SoundSend/Axiim Audio Transmitters (at least right now) is also much better than for the USB Transmitter shown here.  If WiSA has a any links to purchase of the WiSA Transmitter on publishing, we would be more than happy to include these purchase links in this report.

Through comparison and consideration of what works best for our scenario, we have already reinstalled the SoundSend Transmitter with the Platin system in order to achieve that beautiful 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos movie theatre atmosphere. The ability to pass Dolby Atmos through the WiSA Transmitter was only affected through the lack of that feature in the TV, and not the lack of this feature on the WiSA Transmitter.

The beauty of having no speaker wires to fuss over…  As for the WiSA Audio Transmitter and full capability of WiSA equipment to pass Dolby Atmos… Editor’s Choice.




  1. Just to be clear the platin speakers for atmos are the ones on your towers? How did you configure the soundsend ap for this (audio mode, distance, virtual atmos?)

    • A bit lengthy but let me walk through how I got to this. First off, as you can see, the room has cathedral ceilings which are about 25ft up with alot of windows so this is not the ideal ATMOS environment. I tried different positions and angles and found that as they sit, the sound is dispersed perfectly above the seated position. I set the SoundSend App with Speaker Trim on 5 for both L/R Height, with my L/R at 0 and SL/SR/C at 5. If the movie is ATMOS already it will pump the ATMOS through the speakers and it is a good mix with the F/R/L and surrounds. If it is not ATMOS, one can change the setting on the App to Movie and there is a Virtual ATMOS. As for distance, all of my speakers are set to their actual distance.

  2. Thanks for the reply Les. Another question though. Currently I have my room setup for 7.1 with speakers front , side and rear and the Speaker Map on the ap reflects this. When you set the two height speakers did you use the rear or side speakers? Also how did you configure them on the Speaker Map? Did you stack the front and height speakers on top of each other? I understand you also had your system set up for 7.1 so I am curious how you set up the Speaker map when you changed your configuration.

    • In advanced settings select 5.1.2 in Speaker Config. Release your speakers from their current position by holding down the Associate Button until you hear an audible tone from that speaker. Scan for Speakers in Advanced Settings (or hold down button of Soundsend Puck for several seconds) and then place the speakers according to your need in MyZone. Do a channel check and arrange accordingly.

  3. It would be interesting to see how you mounted atmos speakers. Since the Monaco speakers have a bottom screw, I am yet to find a wall mount that can angle downward.

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