LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera Review – Night Vision, Motion Detector & 2-Way Audio

As much as I wanted to use this video to demonstrate the picture and audio quality, it is hard not to be amused at the expression of Kaos, our Rott (bottom left), as the doors open.

It may not seem like it by the video or this picture, but that camera is covering a total length of 40′ across and then some.  Each door is 10’x10′. The width (or depth) is 30′ of which we measured and 25′ is visible from the bottom of the pik to the garage door.

The LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera syncs with the garage door openers and myQ so that it activates when the doors open or close, and it also activates when motion is detected within the garage.  There was absolutely no light whatsoever inside the garage when this picture was taken.  The camera emits a very faint green LED which provides for the night vision.

There was one point of concern that we had on initial installation, this being WiFi.  Unlike the three Chamberlain RJ020C Wall-mounted Garage Door Openers that must be synced with a myQ hub via WiFi to work properly, this camera does not require the hub and sets up directly over WiFi.  Our garage is a few steps from the house as can be seen here, just under a hundred feet actually.  The WiFi signal is weak, considering the distance and two walls it has to travel through.

Surprisingly, there was no issue whatsoever.  The camera, not only connects to our Wifi source and has yet to display a weak signal, but also, it has synced with the myQ and garage doors so the camera activates and records video when the garage doors open or close. Personally, I wouldn’t think this necessary as the unit has a built in motion detector which would pick up the movement of the doors in any case.

Last but not least, a bit about scheduling and alerts.  The LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera myQ App provides for scheduling so the motion detector isn’t constantly picking you up each and every time you work in the garage.  If it is not set up, the camera will be creating a new video every 1-2 minutes while you work, if you have Cloud Storage. 

Something we might like to see is an addition button in the App picture screen  to turn the motion detector off, rather than having to go to the trouble of changing the scheduling.  Yes, we understand that this is in the settings and Motion recording can be disabled, but it is simply too many clicks to turn on and off that way.  As well, the App can be set up for instant alerts, or e-mail, when the doors open or the motion detector activates.


The LiftMaster  Smart Garage Camera is a phenomenal add on to the myQ App and provides a great sense of security to your garage space.  With 1080p live streaming and recorded video, a 140 degree wide angle lens, night vision, motion detection, two way audio, and a 360 degree rotation capability, little has been missed for the perfect cam.

Potential ideas for future development might include zoom capabilities, a USB Type-C audio port that allows for an external mic and speaker, a free minimum monthly storage plan, along with that on-screen button to turn the motion detector on or off.  We didn’t mention it prior but voice audio can be a bit difficult to understand from the smartphone and out the speaker of the cam itself.  There is also the thought of microSD integration.

At day’s end, there is just no way the wife is sneaking the car out for that quick afternoon country road spin without immediate notification…. and the ability to close and lock that door again remotely.  Great job LiftMaster!

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  1. Month old MyQ camera no longer has power going to it. Not sure if I need a new power adapter.

    • I am sorry to hear that. This one has been running strong without issue since the report so we can’t say anything but positive things. You might contact the warranty department….or try another power adapter as they are common.

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