Transcend DrivePro 10 DashCam Review – Compact with Amazing Video Recording

In today’s world, it seems in-car video has become the norm.  You can believe that in any given drive, you have been recorded at some point or another, and for insurance and court purposes in the case of an accident, a video is worth a thousand words. Transcend has been in the business of dashcam and body video for some time, and actually, up until today, our go to video for the sports car was the Transcend DrivePro 520 that we reviewed here.

That report was published way back in 2016 and that Dashcam has been our ‘goto’ ever since.  I can’t tell you how many videos were provided for people ecstatic that they were able to get a chance to take her for a spin.   Today… we are following a bit different of a path however.  We are replacing that DrivePro 520 with Transcends latest and greatest DrivePro 10 with the STARVIS high sensitivity image sensor for superior video.

The Transcend DrivePro 10 DashCam also has a 140° viewing angle, 1080P full HD at 60FPS with a F2.0 aperture, and WiFi connectivity to the DrivePro 10 app which allows live viewing and downloading of recordings.

The Transcend DrivePro 10 is probably one of the smallest Dashcams on the market today.  It contains a built in battery for emergency recording, a wide dynamic range for amazing video and picture reproduction,  Transcend even includes a 32GB Transcend microSD card along with Window mound to start you in the right direction. Well almost…

The wife believes I can be just a bit too picky at times which resulted in my disassembly of the dash and center console of my 2015 Corvette Z06 for the first time.  It seems that it wasn’t simply a quick swap with the already installed cable as the former on the DrivePro 520 was a mini-USB connector with the DrivePro 10 being a micro-USB connector.  Transcend was also nice enough to send along their Hardwire power Cable kit so we did things right.

This is the Transcend DrivePro 10 inside our vehicle. You might notice that there is also an in-car camera within the car as well…that we never use. It is only 720P and, although it has a ton of great features that assist with track runs, we prefer the better video of Transcend as well for our enthusiast runs. Another view…

Perhaps one of the best features of the Drivepro 10 Dashcam is its price.  Checking Amazon right now, we can see it listed at only $79.99 which is an incredible price for all we are getting in this package. Now let’s check out the videos on the next page…

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