eFlow Shows Off New e-Bike At CES 2013


I stopped off at the eFlow booth and they showed me their funky looking e-bike. I walked past it at first and something about it just caught my eye. I want to say it’s just a mountain bike with an electric motor…but the design is truly amazing. It may look a little strange having such a curved contoured design and then having a rectangle block looking seat tube. Nevertheless, the overall look is very unique and one of a kind. Inside the seat tube sit an array of Samsung rechargeable lithium ion power packs, so not you’re standard AA’s. The motor itself is a 500W Hi-Torque Direct Drive motor with cassette-free hub.


The eFlow can reach a top speed up to 20mph/32km (a limitation only due to North American laws). It can go much faster in other countries (32mph in Europe). Its range is also very impressive and can last up to 25-35 miles on a single charge, depending on a few factors like weight, normal pedalling, terrain etc. This e-bike has some very impressive specs and really does look sturdy, so be sure to check it out (and possibly get one), as it retails for about 4-5 grand.

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