Thermaltake’s New Luxa2 Division Brings Wireless Power, Speakers, and Device Mounts to the U.S. — CES 2014 Update

Thermaltake, a premier Taiwanese producer of PC hardware and peripherals, has created a new division called Luxa2 to bring wireless and Bluetooth charging devices, speakers, and device mounts to market in the U.S.  First up we have several wireless charging devices  and power sources.  In the image below, we see several versions of wireless power banks and power stations.  The feature product is called the P-Mega 41 (far left), which can charge or power up to six devices via three USB ports on each side.

Luxa2_wireless power cube

The P-Mega 41 is rated for 41,600 mAh, making it the world’s highest power capacity wireless power station.  And just to make sure they hold on to that title for a good while,  Luxa2 has a 60,000 mAh model in the works. The cube-shaped station measures 100mm X 100mm X 115 mm, and requires 10-11 hours of charging to reach fully-charged status.  It is compatible with smart phones, tablets, digital cameras and gamepads.  Luxa2 stands behind the P-Mega 41 to the tune of a two-year warranty.

Next up Luxa2 is offering a line of Bluetooth wireless speakers. These speakers sync with your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth device.  Once synced, you merely place your device on top of (or next to) the speaker in order to play music or radio broadcast.  The built-in microphone allows you to talk hands-free, and is great for conference calls.

Luxa2_Groovy T

Luxa2_wireless speaker and charging base

In the upper picture above we see the Groovy T model, which performs all of the functions described.  Below that we have the Groovy W model, the premier item in this series.  The Groovy W also comes with a charging base, and when the speaker resides on the base, use does not deplete the battery life of the speaker.  When not on the base, the play time on a single charge is 11-12 hours.  Charging time, once placed back on the power base, is 3.5 hours (or less).  The speaker measures 76mm X 186mm X 54mm, and weighs 1.2 pounds.  It is compatible with any Bluetooth device, and features a micro-USB input connection.

Luxa2 is also offering a line of device holders geared to phones and tablets.  The phone version features a suction-cup base that has a special material on the bottom, allowing it to be vacuum-latched to most any surface — including windshields, dashboards, and countertops.  It holds any device up to a 6″ display size, and can be rotated and swiveled to nearly any position.  The tablet-sized version is designed to fit an Ipad 2 or other similar sized tablet, making it usable as an advertising or information display. This would be a definite improvement over what we are seeing this week in the taxis in Las Vegas, where passengers are fed via tablet display a continuous looping sales pitch, with a smathering of “information” thrown in.


You can visit the Luxa2 website for more information on their products.  Luxa2 anticipates availability in the U.S. later in Q1 of this year.

Check back for more updates on our experiences and observations at CES 2014.

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