be quiet! Highlights New Power Supply – CES 2016 Update

Our coverage of CES 2016 continues as be quiet! the insanely silent case fan, CPU cooler and power supply manufacturer has release their latest power supply!

be quiet! CES 2016 4

The be quiet! Pure Power 9 is set to replace the existing Pure Power 8, which previously was only a fixed cable version. The Pure Power 9 will have fixed cables as well as modular ones, with a better price point than the Pure Power 8.

be quiet! CES 2016 3

The Pure Power 9 will also have lower noise levels, higher performance, be more reliable and will look much nicer. This 80 Plus Silver efficiency PSU will feature a new 120mm fan and active clamp topology with two 12V rails.

be quiet! CES 2016 2

It will also have improved cable set, featuring more SATA connectors, a longer P8 cable (600mm) longer 24 cable (550mm), all black wires and black connectors and flat peripheral and PCIe cable.

be quiet! CES 2016 1

The 400 to 700 W modular versions will launch in March of 2016. Meanwhile the 400 to 700W fixed cable versions will launch in June of 2016.

Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2016!

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