Kingston Showcases New Headsets & Virtual Reality! – CES 2016 Update

Xbox and HTC, Kingston’s two new technological brethren. When we heard this we were very excited and couldn’t wait to explore what they were brewing up. Xbox has joined up to launch Kingstons CloudX headset, the new generation of Cloud headsets you’ve seen. Launching sometime around the start of Q2, and should come in somewhere around $120 USD.DSC00114_FotorThis is great as you can see the presentation is basically the same but it is now a single plug directly into your Xbox controller and you’re right in it. What really grabbed our attention was the VIVE Virtual Reality system. Kingston has teamed up with HTC and will be providing the hardware and the headset for this system.DSC00125_Fotor We lucked out and were able to try a few of the demo’s they have for the VIVE and WOW! This was really something we could spend hours doing. Kingston has teamed up with HTC to utilize Kingston’s newest HyperX Revolver headset, as well as providing HTC some hardware for getting this VR system up and running. The HTC Vive provided a complete 360 degree view with realism to the extreme. At few points we were actually spooked by what popped up. Massive whales swimming right in front of you as you explore deep-sea wreckage or the virtual first person shooter (FPS). DSC00123_FotorZombies coming from all angles and the ability to use your body and move to attack your foe is an amazing technological advancement. There was no mention of cost or an exact launch date to be available to the everyday consumer, but hopes are high to have it out soon. Be ready to spend the bucks on it though as we don’t predict it will be low cost.

Kingston CES 2016

We are really excited to announce these two new partners and can’t wait to see what more Kingston comes at us with in the near future.

Be sure to stay tuned to The SSD Review for more on Kingston’s storage launches as well.

CES 2016 is kicking into high gear and Technology X will keep you informed.

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