Pepcom Digital Experience! at the Beach – CES Update 2016

The much-anticipated Pepcom was held today and boy did it impress. From the food to the tech it was all in all a great outting for the Technology X crew.  As soon as you walk in you are given sun glasses and a beach bag, looks like we have a theme to run off. There was beach volleyball going on right in the middle of the place, awesome!

Pepcom Beach

Now with a plethora of exhibits it was hard to really pick and choose who you loved the most but it was great to take the time and find out more about as many as we could in the very short time you have to take it all in. Outstanding food and drink not to mention unparalleled service.DSC00064_Fotor

We would like to give credit to all the exhibitors on a job well done! Unfortunately, not even the whole Technology X crew could spread ourselves thin enough to cover all the exhibits. However, there were some stand outs. Talking with M-Edge, a company focused on working warriors looking to balance the daily grind with an active lifestyle.  They have developed many cool products to make your life at the gym, work, or in transition between the two seamless and enjoyable. We only had a quick time to talk with them but immediately found great interest in their True Wireless Earbuds. Now we’ve all seen the Bluetooth active headphones before but the True Wireless are truly, wireless. Two individual ear buds with no cord even connecting the two and comfort was a maximum. We hope to have a more in-depth look at these very soon and are said to be going for around $149! backpackIt doesn’t stop there with M-Edge though, Power Bags, bags with internal power supplies to help you charge on the go and stay connected to the things you need to, especially in those end of day struggles where your phone or other wireless devices are getting down to the yellow and red battery levels. M-Edge was out to impress and we hope to have more to report on them soon!ChargingHub400_FrontRight_RGB_Fotor_clipped_rev_1

We also bumped into Ventev, their display was focused on charging. Getting the power quickly and efficiently to your devices. Some of the key features of their products are the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously while not losing the strength of the charge as devices increase and dedicated 2.4A port, with auto-detect, which guarantees your device is charged at the maximum rate. Their charging accessories span from the desktop to the vehicle. With the variety of platforms they had we look forward to keeping charged with Ventev and you should hear more about them from us in the near future.

ces-pepcom-2016-03-1024x683Psycho-acoustic bass enhancement, high frequency contouring and soundfield expansion. To some this may sound like odd jargon but the good news is even if it does the Boomstick is still a cool functional product for you. Boomstick is a small attachment you place between your headphone jack and your headphones that resembles and IRC (in-line remote control). Only thing is, it has only one button. This button takes the sound and gives it a little more life. Think of it as giving your headphones a facelift, even the cheapest, weakest of headphones sound great once routed through the Boomstick. Compatible with any device all you do is plug it in and click the button located on the face. We loved it and think you will as well and at $99 the price is justifiable. You can take two dollar headphones and make them sound like $200 headphones with this $99 accessory.

Also on display was Blackberry with their latest smartphone powered by Android, the Blackberry Priv. While taking many features of the Passport and the Z30, and combining that with the power of Android, Blackberry has taken a serious step in the right direction.

Pepcom Blackberry Pric

There was even smart running shorts made by Lumo Run, that measure your biometric and provides active feedback throughout your workout.

Pepcom Running Shorts

There was even rideable making the scene at Pepcom, which we predicted to be one of the trends that may have been present at CES this year.

Pepcom Rideables

Sadly, PepCom had to come to an end and so at the end of the show, minds were blown, stomachs were full and laughs were had. As always PepCom never disappoints and we made many new friends and look forward to showcasing more of their products real soon.

Don’t go too far as CES 2016 is kicking into full gear! 

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