Phanteks Displays Their Chassis’ Showcase – CES 2016 Update

We made our way over to the Phanteks suite to check out their latest chassis. As you’ve noticed, we have had the pleasure of taking many in-depth looks at several various chassis’ lately, so the opportunity to take a look a the latest generation is very exciting.

The first thing we were introduced to was the new line of ATX mid-towers, the Eclipse 400-line. With the 400 and the 400S there are a great cost-efficient options for you. The 400 coming in at $69.99 and the 400S, which is the silent version, at an additional $10. Dampening materials and a three speed fan controller are what separates the 400 and the 400S.

DSC00089_FotorPhanteks also brought out some interesting technology in the form of their Power Combo and Power Splitter, which was previously seen at Computex in 2015. Coming in at $39.99 and $29.99 respectively, these products are quite intriguing. The Combo taking two PSU’s and boosting power to a single system. This benefits in case one of the PSU’s crashes the secondary will hold your system and save you from losing your work. Also, this would be very beneficial as a test bench for PSU’s allowing you to benchmark PSU’s without having to shut down your system and install a secondary PSU. DSC00098_FotorMeanwhile, the Splitter does exactly the opposite, takes one PSU and splits it for dual system builds. Saving not only space in your chassis but also adding a little flare and some new tech to your build. Phanteks was very excited to showcase to us their prototype chassis, Project 916. A very exciting project!DSC00093_Fotor A multi-system chassis with a glass window panel adds some weight and caution to your build, but also some class to this full-tower. The 916 is still in the works and is just a prototype, but they are ball-parking around $399 when it comes out to the public. A look around the back-side of their build shows us the beauty in the cable management and one thing that we are excited to see, full gromets, whether it’s small or big pass-throughs they have rubber gromets. Now, you may laugh because it’s such a small accessory, but it’s one we like and were happy to see. Attention to detail gives you a feeling of comfort with Phanteks.

Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2016 here at Technology X! 

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