Patriot Shows Off New Viper Gaming Gear – Computex 2015 Update

Computex 2015 coverage continues here at Technology X, and Patriot was next up on our stops. As we saw earlier this week, Patriot unveiled their new Viper peripheral line, which includes the V360 Headset, two gaming mice (V530 and V560), and V760 keyboard. We were also witness to a new USB 3.1 Type C drive.


The Patriot V360 is one sleek looking headset, and probably one of the best looking designs we have seen so far. The V360 features 7.1 virtual surround sound and an ultra bass response system, reported to provide superior audio quality. Found on the exterior of the large ear cups is a red LED illumination that really looks sharp.

V530 V560

Next up was the New gaming mice, the V530 and the V560. While both feature similar designs, the V560 is the more premium mouse, with a Xtreme Precision Laser Lens capable of up to 8200 DPI and ceramic foot pads for very smooth movement on pretty much every surface we tried. The V530 features an Ultra High Precision Optical Lens that is capable of up to 5000 DPI. Both of which felt very easy and comfortable to hold and feature LED indicators for DPI settings.

Viper Keyboard

Last up was the V760 keyboard, which features Kailh mechanical brown switches across its aluminum structure. For looks, this keyboard is visually pleasing and has a RGB backlit key illumination for each key.

Stellar C

We were also provided a sneak peak at the Stellar-C, which is an USB 3.1 Type C Gen 1 Drive. This tiny drive is listed to have capacities ranging from 32 to 64 GB, with read speeds of up to 110 MB/s and write speeds of up to 20 MB/s. Of course, until things are finalized, there is nothing set in stone, especially in overall design.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Computex 2015 here with Technology X!

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