Thermaltake Goes Big with PSU’s, Fans & Case Mods! – Computex 2015 Update

A definite difference, for the good, from when we met with Thermaltake in January to now. Thermaltake was rocking out with a giant booth geared towards the latest modding trend. Modding, while typically has been a lower-lying trend within the PC industry, is now making an insurgence larger than we have ever seen before. Thermaltake was dressed to impress their new modding line.


To start we were introduced to the Toughpower DPS G Titanium Digital PSU, which features an 80 Plus Titanium Certification and an efficiency rating of 94%. The PSU is also equipped with DPS G App 2.0 software which provides a platform to monitor and record the power consumption, voltage, and electricity cost.


As we have seen previously with Thermaltake, the Riing Case Fans are truly revolutionary and provide a different concept to LED lighting and performance than your average case fan. Thermaltake has gone one farther to introduce an Riing RGB fan.

RGB Riing

While we wont go into too much detail about the performance of the fan, as it remains similar to the previous Riing, the RGB version features a fan controller that can switch between five LED modes: red, blue, green, white, and 256 multicolor. We discussed the possibility of incorporating the RGB controller into Thermaltake’s Commander FT, however the size of the RGB controller just doesn’t fit in with the Touch Screen Fan Controller. Maybe this could be something we could see later on down the road. 

Riing RGB Controller

Switching over to Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS, we were introduced to the recently announced ISURUS PRO. This in-ear gaming headset is designed to reduce the discomfort with large and bulky gaming headsets. The ISURUS PRO features a detachable microphone for quick change from solo adventures to group functions. Taking a look inside reveals a 13.5mm neodymium driver suitable for pretty much any gaming task, reported to provide a more premium sound and bass response.

Isurus pro

As we mentioned, Thermaltake had a lot to display, but to steal the show was their large case mods, and when we say large that is no understatement. Everything from two Core X9’s stacked to a slick-looking Thermaltake Level 10!

Stay tuned for more Computex 2015 coverage here at Technology X!


  1. Yeh, they’re stealing the show alright….wait, actually they’re stealing ideas from every manufacturer they come in contact with. Don’t you think their new mics look a little too much like the AntLion Mod Mics.

    You folks at technologyX seem like intelligent folks, check here for an interesting read into the antics from Thermaltake

    • The new headset is not a modular microphone that can be attached to any set of headphones, as the AntLion product, it also doesn’t share much of a resemblance other than the fact that is is small. The design aesthetic is very different, and much more in-line with their other Tt eSports accessories.

      As for the link you provided. I can’t really argue the similarities in some of those products, but truth be told this sort of behavior can be seen all throughout the PC component industry, especially in cases where a good idea is often replicated until it is considered a standard.

      • A good idea is replicated but not the entire idea; case in point, the Thermaltake fans pictured above are identical to Antec’s new line of enclosure fans

        I know the there is a lot of “re-branding” of product lines (e.g. Laing pumps, different PSU’s, etc.), but the original manufacturer has given permission for companies to put their name on a product.

        What Thermaltake is doing is outright theft; it’s not just Antec’s line of fans, it’s products from Koolance, EKWB, CaseLabs, NZXT, AntLion, Fractal Design, the list goes on.

        Don’t believe me? Here’s the latest link to what’s going on at Computex and Thermaltake

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