InWin Showcases New Chassis Lineup – CES 2015 Update

As we walked around the CES 2015 showroom floors, we met up with InWin, who this time last year was revolutionizing the PC chassis industry with the 901 and 904 chassis. Their simplistic design of a chassis with one piece of aluminium and two panes of tempered glass was truly elegant and innovative. This year we saw how they have taken that concept to the next level with their 904 PLUS , the gold S-Frame and the S-Box prototype.


First on our list was the 904 PLUS, which is a continuation of the the 4mm single piece of aluminum design, but now available in black. One feature that was added to the 904 PLUS chassis was the ability to move the power supply further towards the back of the chassis. This creates more room for cable maneuvering and management. In the picture below you also see the prototype of the S-Box on the right, more on that in just a minute.

904 Plus

We then checked out the gold version of the S-Frame. What is amazing about this case is the amount of work that goes into it. This case requires hand-folding to preserve the quality of the case, by multiple personnel.


InWin also went the extra mile to look at every little detail, while the front of the chassis is brushed aluminum, the interior is matte black. It’s the small details that bring a product to the next level, which is exactly what InWin has accomplished. In this picture, take note of how the headset it hanging on the side of the glass, part of the InWin accessory line is the iEar.

Gold S Frame

We concluded our chassis review by seeing a prototype of the S-Box. Similar to the S-Frame, this chassis is a single piece of aluminum that has been folded several times, however it takes more of a boxier look.

S Box

What’s most significant about the S-Box is the limitless custom liquid cooling options. The front of the chassis features a compartment that can house radiators and give you more room inside the chassis for your components, or you can use it for your hard-drive or flash-drive storage. See below for it’s specifications.

S-BOX specs

Lastly, we saw some InWin accessories that complimented the rest of the expedition. What caught our eye was the iEar and PRO-1. The iEar is a suction cup that will let you hang your headphones on. Similarly the PRO-1 accomplishes the same feat, but is designed for your higher-end headsets. It was put best this way, when you can spend up to $400 on a set of gaming headphones, why leave them on a table or desk? Give them a spot to be displayed and protected. The iEar is available in black and silver-white, at it can support headset headrests up to 43mm wide. The PRO-1 will be available later this January.


For more information on InWin’s product line, we encourage you to check out their site.

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