Jammin’ With House Of Marley! – CES 2015 Update

One of our stops during CES this year was at one of the coolest sounding booth’s found throughout the convention centre, House of Marley. House of Marley is a company that prides themselves on creating a product that sounds fantastic and supports global sustainability. What does that mean? They use recycled products within each of their own products, pretty cool huh? Let’s take a look and see what they had in store for us!



One of the first products we were introduced to was the Chant Mini and the Chant speakers. The Chant Mini features bluetooth technology that has a quick pairing ability and auto-reconnect feature, perfect for when you’re on-the-go! This speaker features their exclusive Rewind fabric, which has also been recycled, and is accompanied by gorgeous bamboo detailing. The Chant Mini Speaker will be available around March of this year, and will have a MSRP of $69.99.


The Chant Speaker is similar to the previous Chant Speaker, but now features bigger sonic strength for a better listening experience. This speaker also features bluetooth, but it can be paired to another unit for true stereo sound. The Chant is water-resistant, which makes it almost a perfect option to take to the beach! This speaker will be available around the same time as the Chant Mini, and will have a MSRP around $99.99

Chant BT Sport


This may have the most fitting name we have ever seen for a product! The Legend features Active Noise Cancelling technology and is equipped with 40mm dynamic, moving coil, drivers. The wireless headset features 20+ hours of ANC and you can still listen to the headset if the batteries die, by using a 3.5mm audio cable. On top of that this headphone features really soft leather, which creates a feeling that the headset is really light. The Legend is even certified with FSC Sapele wood and utilizes recycled aluminium. You can expect to see these headphones around July of 2015 with a MSRP of $279.99.



When it comes to owning a DJ-quality set of headphones, House of Marley has taken the next step in producing one of the best looking set with the Tribute Over-Ear. These headphones feature a foldable design, DJ articulation with snug leather ear cushions. On top of that, House of Marley has done an impeccable job of making the headset look almost luxurious! The headset will feature 50mm premium drivers and will be available in the fall of 2015, where we can expect the MSRP to be $249.99



The One Foundation is a remastered sound system that would rock any household! This gorgeous system features Qualcomm AllPlay smart media, which generates a seamless audio stream and can stream your audio to up to ten wireless devices – perfect for a multi-room setup. The sound bar features a custom glazed oak wood baffle with magnetic speaker grills that can be simply pulled off. The One Foundation features 5.25″ high-output woofers and 1″ high-definition tweeters. Not only would the One Foundation be the best sounding audio system in your house, it will also be the most beautiful!

One Foundation

For more information on House of Marley, take a look at their site! Stay tuned for more coverage from CES 2015!

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