Making Some Noise At CES With Be Quiet – CES 2014 Update

Our visit to the Be Quiet suite brought us multiple updates to PSU and CPU cooling product line. We spoke with Christoph Katzer, Business Development for Be Quiet, who gave us the run down on the newest products and updates with Be Quiet, and their full lineups of PSU’s and CPU cooling.


As we toured around the Be Quiet suite, we were first introduced to the new PSU line up which will be geared towards Steam Boxes. The SFX POWER 2 and TFX POWER 2 PSU’s, are a smaller form factor than the traditional PSU.

To provide you with some brief background information, Steam Boxes (also know as Steam Machines) are basic computers dedicated to running the Steam OS, which we have discussed on Technology X previously here. With these media centres/gaming consoles being used in recreation room settings, the smaller form factor makes this machine less of an eye sore and an easy addition to a “dumb” TV.

The SFX POWER 2 features an 80mm fan to keep your PSU cool, 400W/300W output, PCIe graphics support, and sleeved cables up to 50cm long.

The TFX POWER 2 has all the same features as the SFX POWER 2, except longer sleeved cables (up to 65cm), features an 80mm fan, 300W output, and comes in a elongated form factor.

Be Quiet also had their remaining PSU line up on display for all to see.


Our suite tour continues, as we are introduced to the newest upgrades to the Be Quiet CPU cooling line up, the Dark Rock 3 and Dark Rock Pro 3.

The Dark Rock 3 features six copper-lined heat pipes and a 135mm fan with a 6-pole motor, which is much quieter than the standard 4 or 5-pole. The Dark Rock 3 can also have an additional 120mm fan added to the unit for additional cooling benefits.

The Dark Rock Pro 3 is slightly different, to the better, as it features an inner 135mm 6-pole fan, as well as a front 120mm fan. It also features seven copper-lined heat pipes, for advanced heat dissipation.

Stepping down to a more entry-level cooling option, Be Quiet also introduced to the Shadow Rock Slim and the Shadow Rock 2. Both of which are designed to minimize the amour of space utilized by the cooling unit, yet maximizing on performance.

A similar story can be said for Be Quiet’s line of chassis cooling fans. The Silent Wings 2 are advertised as “virtually inaudible” and feature rubber grommets to limit noise even further, and come with two mounting options to allow you to fit them into your system whichever way you may choose.

Taking a step down again to a more entry-level and basic fan, are the Pure Wings 2.

Be Quiet is a smaller brand, newer to North America, that may be over shadowed by larger companies, but their CPU, chassis cooling, as well as their PSU product line have really opened up the markets. Keep an eye out for Be Quiet, and you can check out their website here.

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