Mionix Takes A Stab At The Worlds First Smart Mouse – CES 2015 Update

CES 2015 continues as we stop by Mionix’s suite and, after being greeted by Peter the Hardware designer, we got to take a look at a few things that he seemed very excited about and we can see why!


The main one being the NAOS QG, where the “QG” stands for Quantified Gaming. What it means is that this mouse has built-in sensors to track your heart rate, actions per minute and skin conductivity. The data can saved and reviewed in the Overwolf overlay. This is the same system Teamspeak uses for its overlay, so getting banned for using it is not very likely. It is also very adjustable, we saw them moving it rather easily around the screen making this very customizable.


This is very useful for gamers looking to find things to improve on, like knowing when their stress levels are highest, or when their APM dies down. This also has a use in horror games,  allowing developers to decide when the game might be too scary or making unsettling noises when you are a bit too relaxed. This also has a some benefits for e-Sports tournaments to get an idea of how much the pressure is getting to them.


We were also told about his hardware development process used for the Mionix mice. He starts off by carving prototypes out of foam, once he feels comfortable he 3D prints the prototype and starts testing. They also show off their craftsmanship, as all buttons including the side, left and right buttons all have the same amount of resistance when clicking. This is a rarity in most of today’s mice.


The mouse comes equipped with Micron Switches rated at 20 Million clicks and has a 32 bit ARM CPU which is becoming more and more common in high end gaming mice.


It will retail at $139.99 once released but if you check their kickstarter here you can get yours for quite a bit cheaper if you act now.

Mionix Mousepads 

Mionix also has some new mousepads that they have released and are ranging from extra large to standard mouse size. The Sargas 900 400 and 320 are available on Amazon today.

 Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2015!

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