OWC Is Putting On A Storm At CES With New Thunderbolt External Storage – CES 2014 Update

Our travels through the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre brought us to the ever-inviting Other World Computing booth, where we met up with Ron Dritlein, Product Development Specialist, who took us for a tour.

First up was the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual, which features two drives in RAID 1, RAID 0 or individual drives. Going one further, the data will be pushed through to your computer via Thunderbolt connectivity, or USB 3.0

The big brother to the Mercury Elite Pro Dual, is the OWC ThunderBay IV, which is a four-bay drive  enclosure that can hold up to 16 TB of storage, and will also run with two Thunderbolt ports which can also be daisy-chained for even larger capacities of external storage.

Next up was the On-The-Go Pro, which features SSD options to accelerate your external storage options. Previously, options for the drive were simply USB 3.0, 2.0 and FireWire 800. Now, the OWC On-The-Go Pro features a Thunderbolt port which will further accelerate data transfer speeds, and will be very convenient, in terms of portability, with it’s small form factor to enclose your 2.5” drive. The OWC On-The-Go Pro is available with capacities of up to 1 TB for SSD’s or 1.5TB with HDD’s. You can also purchase the On-The-Go Pro as a stand alone enclosure for a 2.5″ drive you may already own.

With the new Thunderbolt technology becoming more and more prevelant, the help of a 30-foot Thunderbolt Audio cable can be extremely useful, especially when putting together elaborate media setups, or even just ensuring you have the cable length to appropriately set up your workspace.

OWC was also showcasing their line up of iOS, and now Galaxy S 4 cases. The demonstrations provided by Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor, shows us that the NuGuard KX cases are rather revolutionary. Bulky exteriors often accompany cases with such device protection, but the NuGuard KX product line is slim, sleek, and still provides fantastic protection from device drops and falls.

OWC is pushing out some fantastic products, from astonishing SSD’s, to new external storage devices with Thunderbolt connectivity, to their NuGuard KX case lineup. I encourage you to check out OWC and their full product line over at their website here

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