be Quiet Introduces The Case – Computex 2014 Update

While at Computex this week past, we had the opportunity to drop by and visit our old friends at be Quiet.  For those new to be Quiet, we can attest to the fact that their PC fan line is the quietest you will find anywhere.  In fact, if you take a look at our new Z97 build, you will see Silent Wings2 fans used extensively in our In-Win D-Frame open air chassis.  We are also using their Dark Power Pro 10 1000w PSU in that system; have a look:


This is my favorite build and the equipment on board is only choice which definitely says alot for be Quiet.  Click for a much larger view. In any case, be Quiet is stepping outside the box just a bit with a new chassis affectionately named, ‘The Case’.

The Case 1

As with all be Quiet gear, it retains that uniquely German design and this system was built for silence with its inclusion of 2 x 140mm and 1 x 120mm Pure Wings 2 fans.

The Case Front

Most importantly though, the sides and front of ‘The Case’ are insulated with sound dampening materials to ensure your experience is as silent as can be.

be Quiet logo

This is a great step forward for be Quiet who have seen growing success with their fans, power supplies and CPU coolers as of late.  We have to wonder though when we will see liquid cooling for even better sound control. Here is a look at my favorite PSU:

Dark Power pro 10



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