Samsung Press Conference – CES 2015 Update

Next up on our schedule was the Samsung Press Conference. What were we to expect, especially when recalling Michael Bay walk off the stage last year. New tablets? Maybe a new TV? Will Smart Home continue to expand? While we can’t say that the press conference was as exciting as last year, there was still a bunch of new products that were launched, such as the Samsung Portable SSD T1, a new 88″ SUHD TV, the new 8500 TV series as well as new home products.

First up on the releases was the newest flash device from Samsung, the Portable SSD T1. This SSD is smaller than a business card, is incredbily light, rediculously fast and can house up to 1 TB of data. Take a look at the release that was touched on by The SSD Review.

Portable T1

Samsung continued to discuss a new organization with companies such as the NBA and Disney, of which will be working together to help bring UHD content to consumers. Samsung has named this the UHD Alliance.

UHD Alliance

Next to be unveiled was the lastest in TV technology, Samsung’s SUHD TV. This TV is made from Samsung’s nano-crystal semiconductors and, in conjunction with Quantum Color technology, it gives up to 64 times the color expression of a conventional TV. What does that mean? An incredibly accurate color display. The TV also features UHD upscalling which brings HD and Full HD content to near-UHD quality.


The second product to be released was the 8500 series speaker. The WAM7500/6500 offer incredible sound quality with 9.1 channel speakers and utilizes a radiator ring technology to project the sound in everry direction, which includes both horizontally and vertically. It alos collaborates with Samsung’s Multiroom App 2.0 which adds to the Smart Home connectivity.


Third up on the list was the Chef Collection. While not getting into too much detail, Samsung released a new oven, the Flex Duo with Dual Door, as well as the WA8700 Top-load washer with active dualwash & SuperSpeed. The oven features two compartments that are accessible by a single door split into two. The washer features a built-in sink under the lid that allows you to pre-rinse clothing right within the washer.

oven and washer

Lastly, and maybe the biggest surprise release at the press conference was Samsung’s PowerBot Robot Vacumm Cleaner. This robotic vacuum is said to have 60 times the power of a conventional robot vacuum cleaners and has the abilit yot create a complete map of your home to create the most efficient cleaning path, a technology called Visionary Mapping Plus.


Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2015!

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  1. What can I say Samsung has never left behind. It came a big name now, and everyone’s know it.

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