Samsung’s Home Of The Future Introduces Us To The Chef Collection and 9000 Series – CES 2014 Update

As we all know, technology comes in all shapes and forms, and to kick off CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled Smart Home. Samsung Smart Home emphasizes the integration of all your devices and appliances to minimize the time it takes to perform chores and other necessary daily tasks, so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. At their press event, Samsung unveiled their new Chef Collection, which includes a new refrigerator, dishwasher and range, as well as their 9000 series, which includes a washer and dryer.


The Chef Collection was collaborated with two world class chef’s, Michael Troisgros and Christopher Kostow, who shared their cooking secrets with Samsung to help develop a consumer product with a professional feel.

Samsung’s Chef Collection includes the new four-door refrigerator, which holds a whopping 34 bags of groceries in it’s 34 cubic feet interior. The refrigerator focuses highly on food preservation, with it’s Triple Cooling Zone technology and metal cooling plate, the refrigerator should keep a more consistent temperature.

Interestingly, enough the front of the Samsung refrigerator features three temperatures displays which inform the user of freezer and refrigerator how cold their food is staying.

Samsung’s dishwasher features a new way for consumers to have their dish’s washed. Rather than the traditional arm mechanism which spins to propel water, Samsung introduced WaterWall technology which projects a wall of water from multiple directions to clean your dishes.

Samsung also introduced a new electric slide-in range with the new Chef Collection. The range was emphasized to maintain and cook foods at a consistent and perfect temperature upon every use.

9000 Series

The 9000 Series was quite interesting to see some new design innovations towards making laundry less of a chore. With the front load 5.6 cubic feet washer and the 9.6 cubic feet dryer, consumers can load up to two king size comforters in one load, plus that load will be completed in only 30 minutes with Samsung’s PowerFoam technology.

For those who don’t know, CES is for more than just displaying smartphones, tablets and computers. It branches out for a far more broad experience to display the evolution of technology, and how it relates to you as the consumer.


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