Advantage Video Systems Showcases UO Smart Beam Laser – Storage Visions 2016 Update

Passing by the Advantage Video Systems booth at Storage Visions 2016 we saw something rather interesting, the UO Smart Beam Laser. Appearing like a small square Bluetooth speaker, the Beam Laser is so much more. Useful in both the mobile presentation aspect or even keeping the kids occupied when the TV isn’t available.DSC01135_Fotor

The Smart Beam laser is a 720P cube projector that is roughly three inches on each side. Connecting to either an Android or iOS device is simple with wired connections available or wireless via Miracase, All Share Cast, WIDI, etc. HDMI is also a connectivity option for HDMI port equipped laptops. Mobility is the key to this innovation and success has been achieved. Built in speaker system and a second amplifier to expand your sound-zone coverage. Being able to take small presentations on the move without the worry of carrying large equipment is great in our books.DSC01136_Fotor

This great product sounds almost too good to be true. Well there is always that one “but” or “and” that comes with such great innovations and in this circumstance it’s the price. Tipping the scale at around $400 if you’re interested in this product and if you’re pushing for the additional speaker you’ll have to shell out an extra $35.SV 2016 UO Smart Beam Projector

Overall we like the concept but the price is running a little steep at this time for us. Having a projector you could carry around and use wireless is great. We’d be interested in acquiring one the these to review it and get more information on battery life and viewing distances and sound but for now one thumb up for the innovation and the other waiting for a bit of a price drop.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Storage Visions 2016 and the Consumer Electronics Show 2016!

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