Rogue Making Workshops – Storage Visions 2016 Update

With the technological advances making our youth less involved in activity and more involved in video games, Rogue Making has an amazing view on getting kids back to using their imagination and involving them in a progressive technology.DSC01140_Fotor

LED lights and small circuits, building creations and expanding the boundaries of imagination. One of the cool products we saw from Rogue Making was their Shades Kit. Offering  two options, first is the RGB Shades kit and is the less-expensive of the two featuring 68 full-colour LED’s and the second being the single-colour kit available in blue, red, green and white features 260 LED’s. Both are completely customizable in the way that the LED’s can light in any pattern you wish, displaying patterns, words or shapes it sure is a cool way to light up any function.DSC01126_Fotor

Rogue Making isn’t singularly about these shades though. They also do functions and parties and if you wish to add some colour, light and innovation to your next party be sure to check out Rogue Making. We really enjoyed talking with this company and think you’ll enjoy what they have to offer as well.

Stay tuned for more from Storage Visions 2016 and Consumer Electronics Show 2016!

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