Thermaltake Shows Off Their Core Chassis Line – CES 2015 Update

One of our stops during CES 2015 was with the gang from Thermaltake. While probably the largest announcement coming from Thermaltake was the new additions to the core chassis lineup, we were still bombarded with tons of new and very exciting products. Throughout our suite walk-through we witnessed the new Core X series, a “do-it-yourself” kit for custom liquid cooling, a few new peripherals and the introduction of cloud IT solutions.


Without a doubt, the product line that caught our eye most was the new Thermaltake Core X chassis series. The core series in general was explained to us this way; any system you build is customized to however you feel fit, Thermaltake has simply designed a product that lets you customize your build completely by providing you with the core of your system.


The core series is stackable, which allows you to place as many Core chassis’ on top of one-another as you want. Better yet, you can remove the mounting components from within the Core chassis to make room for essentially anything you need. One Core chassis could be your main system and the top one could be a liquid cooling block, or even a storage block. The possibilities are endless! The Core series features interchangeable window and I/O panel. While walking through the Thermaltake suite there were multiple variations set up for view.

X9 Stacked

When were then introduced to Thermaltake’s liquid cooling solutions. While an AIO liquid cooling solution may be simpler to install, a custom liquid cooling solution still looks twice as good. The problem being for most is that this can be considered a daunting task, especially when trying to pick out the parts you need to put your system together. Thermaltake has taken the first step into helping you build your own custom liquid cooling setup, by introducing a DIY kit. The Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit is terrific way to help you customize your system and truly make it yours.

Pacific Kit

Within the kit your will receive a Pacific  W1 water block, Pacific PT40-D5 Pump/Reservoir Combo, Pacific RL240 Radiator, Pacific ½” ID and ¾” OD chrome compression fittings Luna 12 LED Red fan, V-Tubular 4T, Red Coolant1000 and additional accessories to make installation easier.

Water cooling

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