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AK Racing’s Gaming Desk Review

Installation & Price

Before we get into the build, we just wanted to touch on the addition of AK Racing’s new large cloth mouse mat.This is another option for whatever a gamers preference is. This cloth surface does not fill the desk completely and we would have preferred it to be quite a bit bigger to fit our monitors as well as our mouse and keyboard on. Installation of the steel legs was very easy. Five screws are the only thing in between you and either leg. There was more than enough space to screw them all in and after they were installed, the legs felt extremely sturdy. Underneath every leg we have these adjustable threaded feet. These screw in very easily and provide a small amount of height adjustment and leveling for the finished product.Our cable management area is, as you may have guessed, a breeze to install. After the addition of three screws we sat back and admired the felt lined cable area and envisioned ourselves making the cables perfect. A cool little feature AK Racing created is this little bracket. This small hook is there specifically to hold on to your headset when you are away from your desk. Two thumbs up for this feature! We took a bit of the velcro we have accumulated over the years and stuck our surge proof power bar to the underside of the cable area. Even after this we found an abundance of space for the remainder of our cables. We found ourselves admiring this huge carbon fiber beauty. This desk was exceptionally easy to install and honestly looked amazing when we were finished. Quality comes at quite a price here with a price tag of $349.99 USD on Amazon at the time of this review.

Final Thoughts

There are some things that come to mind when thinking of the perfect desk. Sturdiness, functionality and price. AK Racing has put together an amazing specimen which meets all of these prerequisites. This desk is very sturdy, simple to install and being made of steel really made us happy. The functionality of our gaming desk is simple yet very effective. The surface is great for speed mouse movements, the cable management area gives ample room to perfect your cables and the headset holder is a great idea.Price has to match the quality in a product. We found the price for this steel and carbon fiber heavyweight leaned more towards the enthusiast market. All in all AK Racing has made us happy in almost every respect which has earned them a Gold Seal.


Normally on our site we cover computer components, however, today were going to look at a great addition to any battle-station, a gaming desk.Were excited to see the the differences, if any, this desk provides from other standard computer desks. AK Racing has been producing their gaming desks for a little over a year now and they have graciously sent one our way so we can take it through its paces. Contents and Specs The packaging of AK Racing's gaming desk is extremely heavy. We actually had to struggle to get this 80 Lb package from the front door to…

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Carbon Creation

AK Racing has created a desk that fits any gamers need. Tons of space with a very sturdy design mixed in with some great features makes this hard to beat. Pick your up today!

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