AKRACING’s Max Gaming Chair Review

Comfort and Features

Well go more into depth about materials here seeing as though what goes into a chair can directly influence the comfort and ergonomics of the user. AKRACING is well know in the market for their nothing to hide mentality. They described to us during CES 2018 that they want you to know exactly how much of what material goes into the creation of their products. This is a concept that may be elusive to the competing companies looking to make the extra few dollars by cutting corners. The MAX gaming chair is filled with exactly 105 kg/m³ of memory foam ,which is covered by a very soft pleather exterior.Now to the arm rests and chair recline. Us gamers know that if you lack any sort of arm rest your wrists can suffer during intense gaming sessions. Imagine pro players and their 10+ hours of required gaming a day and how that can affect your joints. AKRACING’s 4 dimensional design is made to specifically fight this. The four steps are Up/down, left/right, pivot and front back. The up and down can be actuated by use of a button right under the rest itself and lets you control how high yo u want them to be.The left and right switch is located on the inside this time and lets you customize how wide your arms sit. Pivot creates the ability to move the arm rest around 20° to either side. Front/back lets you move the arm rest towards or away from the desk which is very helpful for ergonomics. AKRACING has added in a 180° recline option just in case you want to take a quick nap or create a lifelike racing simulator.The pillows included on this beast of a chair provide excellent comfort with no pinch points. The Lumbar pillow was able to sit in a perfect position which created an at rest feeling for our back with no unnecessary slouching. We tried out the flat style of neck pillow and compared to the wishbone style is no match. The neck pillow provided is not unsatisfactory by any means, we just prefer one over the other.

Final Thoughts

We received this product about a month before this review which gave us ample time to actually feel what a gaming chair has to offer on today’s market. AKRACING has created a product that will be hard to be matched in both comfort and ascetics. We now have the ability to game for long periods which cuts down on break time and creates more farming time for games. We would like to see an overhaul of the instruction manual to provide specific instructions for specific models, however, this chair is so comfortable that we almost forgot about that. I would recommend the larger gamer pick one of these up ASAP for the price of $499.99 USD. Congratulations on earning a gold seal today and we cant wait to see what AK has in store for us in the future.


The word comfort means: to be in a state of physical ease and free from pain or constraint. The more comfortable your seating arrangement is, the more time you can spend gaming or browsing Reddit. Today we are going to look at AKRACING's new Max gaming chair to see where it fits on our comfort spectrum. Packaging and Contents Sitting at about 61 LBS we are not surprised to see a huge box to enclose the materials inside. It does come with some assembly required so you will receive a package like we did with hardware for construction. The smell that comes…

Review Overview

Packaging and Contents

Game in Comfort

We highly recommend you pick up this chair for any gamer out there. The price is a little steep but worth it for how comfortable you will be!!

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