AMD A10 7870K CPU Review – Welcoming Competition!


In our Photoshop CC test, we employ the Radial Blur Test for measuring CPU performance. It works by applying a complex Radial Blur filter to a high-resolution image (4500 x 3000), and measuring the time it takes to finish the task. Since all of our CPUs today feature integrated graphics, we will be using GPU Acceleration.

a10 7870K Photoshop CC results

Yet again our 7870K does extremely well for its price in comparison to the i5 it is up against. Since Photoshop does well in utilizing cores the Pentium is in dead last, and we even see the A8 losing out to the A10 with a clock speed deficit, just because of the better iGPU.


7-Zip is an open-source file archiving program. We use the program’s built-in benchmark utility to measure our CPU’s performance in both compressing and decompressing files. We test with a dictionary size of 32MB and all 16 threads.



WinRAR is easily the most well-known file archiving program. In our test we use the application’s built-in benchmark utility in order to determine CPU performance.


We see the heavily overclocked A10 just barely losing out to the i5 by less than 1% it goes to show Intel still has a heavy lead in core efficiency, although the AMD part in question is $50 cheaper, so it ends up being a greater value.

Yet again we see the Pentium performing dismally, where as all the Quad core CPUs being testing land within the same performance, we see the weakness of the Pentiums Dual core design.


LibrOffice is a open source spreadsheet application, and is Microsoft’s Excels main competitor, It is used by millions worldwide and has fantastic support for hardware acceleration.


Our Ground Water test takes the groundwater level during the measurement period from three counties, and gives us the difference from the average, lowest and highest elevations over the entire measurement respectively. It would be something used by Civil Scientists, which uses statistics to determine the results.


LibreOffice shows us how much better these AMD CPUs do when HSA is properly coded for. Intel’s chips get absolutely demolished here. If you use this application and do any sort of heavy lifting with it the choice is made VERY clear here.


The Energy Market test takes consumption of four different forms of energy (namely Hydro, Biogas, Charcoal and LPG) measured in different units in different countries, and gives the correlation of different energy consumption in each country which represents a use-case that enables comparing different forms of energy based on consumption and the influence of one form on the other forms of energy.

This is something that enables comparing different forms of energy based on consumption and the influence of one form on the other forms to useful for Marketers or Energy Analysts


Again our AMD setups show how much further they are ahead, there really isn’t much to say here outside of this is the difference between optimized code for hardware and unoptimized code.


In the Building Design test we use the  flat number, Fenestration Area and Opaque area of a particular flat are the inputs to get computation of ETTV (single material) and ETTV-TWO (more than one material) values yielding the permissible value of thermal performance of the entire building and energy conservation design factors, depending on the number of materials used for the building design.

This is useful for Architects designing and constructing buildings for clients.


Here we see much closer results, The Intel CPUs do well enough here to keep it from being a complete blowout but is a better showing, This may be a result of less use of the GPU in this workload.

The A10-7870K is not any version of Carrizo. It relies on the same Steamroller cores as Kaveri, hence the title 'Kaveri Refresh', and is the same architecture as Kaveri. This is the "big daddy" of Kaveri, nicknamed Godvari by enthusiasts, since this is the highest clocked and best binned APU available on the market today. The A10 7870K is very similar to the A10 7850K, except clocked at 3.9 GHz and 3.7GHz on the CPU and 866MHz and 720MHz respectively. The A10 7870K is priced at $140 and the A10 7850K is priced at $125 MARKET AND COMPETITION Many of…

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Product Build

Godvari knocks it out the park

After seeing how well the A10-7870K performs in most tasks, we can definitely say this is one of, if not the best options for an HTPC. A fantastic option for a living room PC!

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  1. Wow! This review pretty fair. Most of the time we see monster i7s making this CPU look like a chump, but it’s really a champ. Thank you for the review.
    Would it be considered an upgrade, from the CPU-side of things, to my FX-6300?

    • I don’t think so. And You would need a new motherboard. While it’s a really nice chip i belive you should look for a FX-8370/8370E (125W/95W) if you need more power.If your software does not use more than 4 threads it might not be even worth it. Save money for a i5 (the cheapest ones starts at +- $180,00) or AMD Zen…

    • Your 6300 is absolutely fine. If you wanted an upgrade I’d recommend waiting for Zen. This CPU although absolutely wonderful, in someways gets beaten by the FX 6300 especially when something supports more cores or uses L3 Cache.

      Putting it up against an i7 is simply unfair.

  2. Good review. I’m looking to use one for an HTPC, and it seems from what I’ve read, it fits the bill, even with the integrated GPU. I’d be interested to see how well it works in an ITX build, so I guess I’ll just have to see for myself.

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