Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


To test the audio of the Bayan Audio Soundbook X3, we thought we would begin by testing the speaker with one of the younger genres of music, electronic dance music (EDM). If you were to head out to a nightclub tonight, we can say pretty confidently that you would hear EDM. You may hear artists such as Calvin Harris, Armin van Buuren, Daft Punk, Krewella, Lady Gaga, Nicky Romero, and Tiesto, just to name a few.

Maybe you’re not into the EDM scene, that is totally fair and understandable, which is why we switched our testing methodology over to an acoustic side of things, where we really wanted to emphasize the mid to high range. Listening to such artists as Jimmy Buffett, The Guess Who, Led Zeppelin, INXS and Bruce Springsteen.



Right off the bat, we noticed the increased quality and clarity of the lower tones. The previously reported Soundbook liked to bottom out as soon as we threw a little bass at it. With the Soundbook X3, the lower tones are blasted with extreme clarity, without the dreaded thought of the speaker bottoming-out. Then, after easily listening to EDM for a few hours, we turned around and threw some Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen at the X3. Radio by Bruce Springsteen was emitted from the X3 with absolutely amazing clarity, and it seemed to hit every tone with perfection.

When we compare the two Bayan Audio Soundbooks, it really is a no brainer, the extra $100 is well worth the superior audio quality. For us it was the dynamics, it’s not very often do you find a speaker of such portability with such a great range, and seldom do we hear a speaker than can produce this level of bass at such a thin size. A quick look on Amazon shows us that the X3 comes in around $299, which is $100 more expensive than the Soundbook we previously reported on. A comparison of the two units side-by-side, lead us to the conclusion that the X3 is more dynamic than the smaller unit. Our rationale behind this is that the X3 features a greater capacity for different tones, especially the lows. Not to knock the X3, but the smaller unit sounds very similar when listening for the mid to highs.

Overall, the Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 is a phenomenal speaker than can literally be used anywhere. The X3 achieves so much more than its little brother, with lows that will literally blow you away. The Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 is unbelievably good looking, extremely portable, and produces high quality audio. The X3 is well deserving of the Technology X Gold Seal award!

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Who is Bayan Audio? Back in 2011, an UK-based company started that had the sole intent of creating high quality products that produce phenomenal sound out of natural materials, that you can take with you wherever you may go. You may recognize them from a previous report we did a few weeks back, when we took a look at the Bayan Audio Soundbook Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Today, we have the privilege of taking a bigger and better look at the Bayan Audio Soundbook X3, the big brother to the previously reported Soundbook.  One thing to keep in mind before we dig…

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The Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 is a mind-blowing wireless bluetooth speaker, which can emit audio at near perfection while you are on the go. It can even be used for hand-free calling, when that important phone call stops your bluetooth music stream.

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