BitFenix AEGIS Core mATX Case Review


As you can see the AEGIS Core comes with a large side window, just as the normal model. The front panel is a glossy black for all models and is made of plastic. Behind the panel is a magnetic dust filter that covers the entirety of the front intake holes/fan mount locations. On the back are two holes for watercooling tubes to run through, five PCIe slots, an IO panel opening and PSU opening. The rear 120mm fan can be adjusted up or down in two positions in case you need more top clearance for a thicker radiator or pull/pull fan set up.

BitFenix AEGIS Case Font backOn the top we can see that there are two USB 3.0 ports and headphones and microphone jacks. The power button is centered with the BitFenix logo on it while the reset button, designated by the letter “R,” is to its right. The included 3-stage fan controller designated by the letter “S,” is to the left of the power button, which can support up to four fans.

Also, on top you can see the dust filter that clips into place and is slightly recessed. It tapers off in size from the front to back. In the photo above you can also see the included reservoir mount. The bottom of the case features an identical magnetic dust filter as the front as well. BitFenix AEGIS Case InsideThis is a mATX case and as such it supports mATX and mITX form factor motherboards. There are eight pre0installed motherboard standoffs. There is also a large cutout for easy access to the back of the motherboard’s CPU socket. All cable route openings feature rubber grommets.

BitFenix AEGIS Drive bayThere are two 3.5″ HDD bay cages that both support 2 drives as well as four SSD mounting locations. The HDDs can be installed either in the cage in front of the PSU on the bottom of the chassis or in the top right cage. Above the 3.5″ HDD cage in the top right is a tool-less 2.5″ drive bay which can hold two 2.5″ drives. This bay however, is a bit inconvenient as the drive SATA power and data connectors are a bit hard to get to when used.  Below it is a mounting position for 2.5″ drives and there is another behind the PSU.

BitFenix AEGIS Case Tear down BitFenix AEGIS Case Top Removed

Taking the case apart we can see that almost everything can easily be taken out to make room for quite a few different fan/watercooling set ups. Both the top and front of the case can support up to three 120mm fans or two 240mm fans. The top can support up to a 280mm radiator while the front can support up to 360mm radiators. The bottom of the case can support a 140mm or 120mm fan/radiator and the back can support a 120mm fan/radiator.

The BitFenix AEGIS is quite an interesting microATX case. Its shield-inspired front is stylistic and they claim that it also helps to keep down noise. It is offered in bold colors and just like many cases as of late, its designed has been heavy influenced by watercooling capability and modularity. This case can support up to eight 120mm fans or five 140mm fans, or if you are going the watercooling route, it can support dual 280mm radiators or even a 360mm and 280mm radiator combo! There are two models. The regular AEGIS ICON and the AEGIS Core. The Core model…

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The BitFenix AEGIS Core is available in red, blue, yellow, white, and black. It's overall design is appealing and very versatile to host all the hardware needed for both air and watercooling setups.

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