BitFenix Pandora Window Chassis Review – Slimmest Case To Date!


As we said before, the power supply fits snuggly into its position in the case, but it fits like a glove. The same thing goes with the motherboard, it fit into place near perfectly.

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When it comes to cable management, we found that it was both complicated and easy at the same time. What do we mean? As you put in components piece by piece, you will notice that you are constantly repositioning and moving cables around until it’s just the right fit. We know that you are thinking that you already do that when you put together your build, but we just feel as though this case takes a little extra care to make sure the cables are neat and organized. We can expect this considering how slim and sleek this case is. The problem we found was that the case, while well capable of housing a micro ATX motherboard, it wasn’t a good fit. Cables were difficult to run around the ASUS P8H77-I, especially above the motherboard.

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As soon as you boot up your PC you will notice that the TFT screen will display the BitFenix logo on the front of that black plastic, which we can change to anything we like.


The BitFenix Pandora Window is a sleek, slick and slim chassis that has a wicked design, something rather unexpected. The brushed aluminium finished combined with its super slim form make this a near perfect living room PC.

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We’ve included a build used by Bitfenix as it shows with a and larger sized motherboard, cable management is much easier. Our complaints of the cable management stem mostly around the ASUS P8Z77-I, not the case itself. A different micro-atx motherboard may actually fair better than ours.

Using the TFT display to customize your build is another great idea, you can literally pick whatever logo you want to be displayed on the front of your chassis. When we hop on over to Amazon, we see that this chassis retails for $170.45 (at the time of writing). We are not saying this is an unreasonable price for the chassis, rather we expect that most consumers would use these funds to go in a more robust direction.

If you don’t mind the hefty price tag and are looking for an excellent HTPC chassis, the BitFenix Pandora is the chassis for you. Putting the price tag aside, this may be one of the best looking chassis’ that we have seen to date. For this reason, we are proudly awarding BitFenix and the Pandora Window with our Silver Seal award.

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With our BitFenix Giveaway underway, let us take this opportunity to show you another one of their products, the BitFenix Pandora Window. Our first look from BitFenix provides an extremely exciting glimpse of this brushed aluminium chassis. PACKAGING, FEATURES, AND SPECIFICATIONS Found within the typical cardboard packaging you will find the chassis carefully wrapped in plastic and sandwiched between two pieces of styrofoam. Now typically, this is to help eliminate the chances that your case will arrive damaged. Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky and our review sample didn't fair too well. Thankfully, BitFenix was quick to swap out panels, as our…

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The BitFenix Pandora Windowed version is slick, sleek and down right perfect for a living room HTPC. While cable management may be difficult depending on your motherboard, it is rather painless otherwise with the exception of the larger price tag.

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