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Some time ago, Essentially Tech Media, of which The SSD Review is a part, purchased a new ‘business’ vehicle that seems to have gained much more attention than ever expected. It is a 2015 Corvette Z06 with 650 horsepower as it rolls off the line. Pictures taken as we traveled across Canada and The USA have gone viral, and as a result, we couldn’t help but try to put this car to a GREAT CAUSE!


First, the mandatory car shot though…

Pik 1

As you can see, we thought a perfect license plate for the car would be ALLFLASH as this seems to be the ideal by which this website has seen so much success. The car first gained attention with this picture that has been posted and reposted worldwide millions of times:

ALLFLASH Corvette Z06 in Oregon!

Ok so… we are trying to get ALLFLASH accepted into the Canadian International Exhibition as ONLY five privately owner vehicles will move forward in the contest. Of that, a grand prize will be decide by attendees of $5000. If we win, the entire $5000 goes to an approved Veterans charity to help those that need it most. It doesn’t stop there though! If we make the top five, we will add $1000 to that, and already, others have stated they will help in that, as well, making the potential here immense!

We need your vote. One can vote from anywhere in the world, no registration is necessary, there are no pop ups or tracking. You JUST CLICK! If you want, you can also share and get us another ballot below the vote button by sharing this on FB, Twitter or Linked in. We ONLY HAVE ABOUT 17 hours to make this viral!!!


Last but not least…here is a rather silly video to assist!

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