Cooler Master MasterBox TD 500 Chassis Review

Design and Features

How a chassis looks is only really half the battle here. Whats on the inside is sometimes the most important part. Warranty and how to actually assemble the product are a crucial part of chassis. Cooler Master adds both a two-year warranty and easy to read instructions into their TD 500.It may not seem like a lot is going on in this picture, however, there is actually quite a bit. First to the right we see room for a 360mm rad. We breathed a sigh of relief here as we didn’t want to have to jerri rig a spot for our Cooler Master AIO. As you can also see, this chassis comes stock with three RGB 120mm fans. Perfect for any beginner builder looking to get the most bang for their buck.
Moving on to more of the internal organs of this chassis. To the right we see a removable cable hider. Great for those looking to avoid cables being seen. On top as we mentioned before we see room for a maximum of 2 x 140 mm fans of a 280 mm radiator. To the left we have another stock, non RGB, fan. Right in the center we see room for an ATX, micro ATX or mini ITX motherboard. One of our favorite chassis additions are the PSU covers. Unfortunately this one in particular in non removable which may make cable management a bit of an issue in installation.  Right beside the PSU cover we find our drive bay. This puppy can fit either 2 x 2.5 or 2 x 3.5 drives. We will probably seat one of our drives in here.

Welcome to our first 2018 winter installment of reviews. Today were going to be taking a look at Cooler Master's brand new TD 500. This chassis fits right into the Masterbox collection. We have been checking out a ton of mid tower chassis lately and were excited to see if this fresh addition to the lineup can compete with the best. Packaging Contents and Price As per usual, Cooler Master has packaged their TD 500 with transport in mind. The chassis comes covered in adhesive plastic as well as two huge Styro Foam cushions on either end.  Curves are important…

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Come one, come all, get your Cooler Master TD 500 chassis today. Great for anyone looking to accent their current build with originality and space.

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