Cooler Master Masterliquid Lite 240 AiO Cooler Review

Setup & Installation

Installation of the Masterliquid Lite 240 was fairly expedient with no hiccups. The manual as usual breaks everything down nice and easy so it’s not a pain at all. Starting off by building up the radiator with the two Masterfan 120’s.

Once we had that set up we moved on to assembling the pump and bracket. Following the instructions this is a simple task, just ensure you place the brackets on the pump oriented correctly, that is probably the only area that you could make a mistake, as we did initially, oops!

Plug it all in and the Cooler Master logo will light up and you should be good to go. Let’s get to some testing!

Benchmarking & Performance

 Before we get into overclocking we want to run  a default setting system stability test. We will be using AIDA 64 Engineer Version for our benchmarking.

Running an hour-long stress test at 100% load on default settings the CPU temperature sat at 36C.

Now that we know the system is stable we are ready to overclock. We use Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility; boosting our multiplier to 47 (4.7GHz) and our core voltage to 1.350V.

After an hour of the overclocked stress tests, the CPU temperature was 55C. Now these scores are decent. However, in comparison to the Masterliquid Lite 120 the difference in temperatures was two and three degrees on the tests, respectively. This leaves us on the fence from having to choose between the two.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Masterliquid Lite performed basically on par with Thermaltake’s Water 3.0 240 cooler and slightly better than the MLL120. Easy to install and no problems along the way we are impressed and happy with the performance of the MLL240.

The MSRP sitting at $59.99 USD is what makes this 240 cooler more appealing than some of its more expensive competitors. Be sure to pick up yours, with the confidence of a TechX Silver Seal.


A few months back we took a look at the Masterliquid Lite 120 and today we are going to take at the Masterliquid Lite 240. Hopefully the increase in size will bring out some "cooler" results. Packaging, Contents, and Price The MasterLiquid Lite 240 (MLL) comes packaged much like its smaller sibling the MLL120. Grey in colour with a great view of the MLL itself. Around the back you'll get some more specifications along with dimensions of the components of the AiO cooler. Most chassis' have no problem fitting 240 AiO coolers so space shouldn't be an issue, especially with…

Review Overview

Packaging & Allure

Budget Performance

The Masterliquid Lite 240 is an affordable cooling option to step up your cooling to the next level.

User Rating: 2.78 ( 38 votes)


  1. would you mind actually…Mentioning the cpu that was used for this…why was that left out lol?

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