Cooler Master ML360R RGB AIO Cooler Review


With all these intricate features, we can only imagine how this cooler is going to look when we install it in our system.  Our Cooler Master Ml360R fit perfectly in the front intake and provided us with plenty of room to run our braided cable from front to rear.  You see a front view of our cooler installation here. We chose to install our fans in pull configuration so we could keep the addressable RGB fans on the inside of our chassis.  The installation pins come with black plastic standoffs for installation of the pump module. On the opposite side, Cooler Master added in their standard back plate with locking plastic brackets.  Our Pump fit on the processor almost too easily and as you can see looks really good. Four thumbscrews attach the cooler and allow you to position it perfectly into place. It’s important to note here that if you want to mount the pump the opposite way, all you have to do is take out the plastic logo, spin it and click it back into position. Great idea Cooler Master!
Cables were a bit of a nightmare here, however, we managed to make the best of an interesting situation. We attached this RGB controller VIA Velcro which we always have in our office for these specific situations. 

Cool is the name of the game, especially when it comes to the winter months in Canada. We took a look at Thermaltake's recent 360 mm AIO addition and now its time to touch on Cooler Master's version. Cooler master has sent us their brand new MasterLiquid ML360R RGB. We are huge fans of AIO coolers for the simple fact that they provide excellent cooling without the hassle of custom loops. Without further adieu let's get into it! Packaging and Contents Cooler Master has done a great job with making their packaging eye-catching. The purple on black with the addition of…

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We encourage you to pick up this beautiful piece of technology here. Cooler Master has succeeded in creating a very functional and beautiful 360 mm cooler for a decent price.

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