Cooler Master Nepton 140XL Liquid CPU Cooler Review


16The base of the block features the standard “remove before use” sticker.

17The base of the cooler is copper and machined flat and smooth but it not polished in any way. In typical fashion the copper base is screwed onto the unit with triangle security screws.

18The radiator itself is pretty typical for an all-in-one cooler and features a fairly low FPI count.

19The radiator on the Nepton 140XL has mounts for both 140mm and 120mm fans enabling you to use a wider array of fans to suit your style and/or build theme.

20The fin count on the Nepton 140XL measures right about 14FPI which is relatively low and allows the use of lower speed and lower pressure fans for lower noise output.

21The radiator itself measures 1.5″ or 38mm so it’s on the thicker side for AiO units.

22Cooler Master includes everything you need to mount the Nepton 140XL to almost any Intel or AMD socket. They’ve also included nice socket-head cap screws for mounting the radiator and fans rather than the typical button-head type you usually see.

Now that we’ve taken a good look at the components lets install the Nepton 140XL onto our test system.

Cooler Master has been known for their line of AiO coolers for quite some time now and, even though they've got a pretty wide selection already available, they constantly seem to come out with something new. A perfect example of this is seen with their new Nepton Series of liquid CPU coolers where they are 140mm class units, yet they can accomodate 140mm or 120mm fans. Our friends at Cooler Master sent us one of these new Nepton 140XL to throw on the bench and check out. About the Nepton 140XL: "The Nepton 140XL is Cooler Master’s latest watercooling kit…

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4 Star Rated!

The Cooler Master Nepton 140XL bundles great performance with innovative features to give one of the most diverse 140mm class AiO units on the market.

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