Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro AiO Cooler Review

Testing & Performance

Yes, on to some testing finally.

For our testing, we run a stress test at default settings (4.5GHz) and then we will run an overclocked stress test (5.0GHz). Intel’s XTU will be used to adjust voltages and multipliers while AIDA64 Engineer will be used to monitor the H150i Pro’s performance.The results above put the H150i in pole position with a CPU average temp of 41.1C and a CPU package temp of 52.2C. Needless to say, this leaves us pretty excited for the rest of our testing.

Next up was the overclocked stress test. For this we cranked our multipliers up to 50 and the core voltage to 1.350.Once again  we are just floored by the results of the H150i Pro. This cooler is really living up to everything we expect a 360 cooler should. Boasting results of 57.7C and 69.5C for the CPU and Package temps respectively. We have to see if this is the one…the cooler that gives us our first successful 5.1GHz overclocking stress test.Well folks, there you have it 59.9C and 71.8C after an hour-long stress test at an overclocking to 5.1 GHz. These are results we have barely even seen with other coolers at 5GHz.

Our final test is a sound check. For this test we power down all fans aside from those being used directly by the H150i Pro.As you can see this test boasted a result of a max reading of 48.5 dBa. In our opinion a fine number that shouldn’t affect your decision to buy this outstanding unit.

Overall Analysis & Final Thoughts

We believe it goes without saying that the H150i Pro and the whole live of Hydro series coolers have done exceptionally well. Allowing us to finally hit that 5.1GHz successful stress test alone takes our breath away. This slim 360 cooler really is everything you’ll need if your rig has the compatibility to fit it. I don’t think anyone has ever chose their components around the compatibility of the cooler they have but if you were to, this would be the one. While priced at $169.99 it is a little higher on the affordability scale, with the H150i Pro you really get what you pay for and we can’t complain. Including some extra thermal paste would really help out when it comes to switching systems or just simply readjusting in certain situations. We would also like to see the H150i Pro upgraded to include RGB ML fans just to give the build that extra pop. We wholeheartedly enjoyed the review of the Hyrdo series and award Corsair an Editors choice for the H150i Pro.

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A few days back we took had our first look at the Hydro Series from Corsair, The 240mm H115i Pro. The results of which made us very happy and intensely looking towards the review of the H150i. The difference being the H150i pro is the upgraded radiator size, now boasting a 360 rad we are anticipatory of the results we see with this goliath.Packaging as you can assume the packaging for the H150i Pro is symmetrical to the H115i. Obvious changes being a larger box to hold the upgraded size. While the H115i comes with two 140mm fans the H150i…

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Almost TOO cool!

The H150i Pro is an outstanding cooler and if your system fits a 360mm radiator the H150i Pro should be your choice!

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