Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard Review – Release Day!


The K95 Platinum was an absolute pleasure to play with. Given we had used the MX Spee switches in the past it took a little less time to get used to but still managed to slip on the “Right click menu button” a few times which halted our game  play temporarily until we decided to just remove it, problem solved, right? Can’t click what isn’t there right?Ok, Ok! We just remapped it, didn’t actually remove it! As far as the wrist rest went, we preferred the rougher side as the soft side seemed almost too soft for our liking, but we are sure some of you out there will feel the opposite of us. One thing to improve the durability of the padded insert would be to have a tab attached to it to remove and flip it. We had to find our own tool to pop it out-of-place to clean, move or flip it and didnt’ take long for us to get a tear through the rubber on the corner.

The G Keys also will take you some getting used to as they add a whole column of keys and if you aren’t used to them, blind navigating your keyboard will make the G1 key feel like the Esc key because the extra row now makes the G1 the top left key on the board.The textured space bar and replaceable FPS/MOBA keys are definitely helpful and were a great addition to an already beautifully engineered keyboard. Whether you are gaming, or just looking for the most beautiful, visually stimulating keyboard for your desk space, the Corsair K95 Platinum is a compliment to any game/work station. Hitting the shelves at $199 USD it may be a little pricey for a casual gamer or improving the esthetics of your work space but is a must have for those who get lost for hours in another realm. K95 Platinum is simply the best board we have seen in a while and we think you’ll agree. Editors Pick award so get out there and grab one before they are all gone!


Release day is upon us! Corsair's much-anticipated K95 Platinum is finally available today. Last time we looked at a Corsair board was the K65 Rapid Fire back in May of last year. The K95 Platinum is jam-packed with features inside and out to take you to the next level of keyboard performance. PACKAGING, CONTENTS & PRICING Just as the K65 The K95 comes in a glossy black box with a full front view of the keyboards itself. Right away you can see there are many upgrades from the previously mentioned K65. First thing that catches the eye is the vertically…

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The K95 Platinum is everything we expected and more. From brilliant lighting effects to intense game play manipulation. It's hard to say no to such a masterful peripheral.

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