Cougar Dual-X 120mm Blue LED Case Fan Review – Innovative Design With Powerful Performance


The Cougar Dual-X 120mm case fan is a premium product, from the revolutionary blade design with claws that help “grab” air to the tune of up to 64 cfm, to the innovative hydraulic bearing design, to a generous 450 mm of black-sheathed connection cable, to pleasing visuals with the LEDs the Dual-X gets it right.  And then there are the corner pads that cushion the mounting.  Half the battle of achieving quiet fan operation is won or lost right here at how securely and vibration-free it is able to be mounted.  Cougar has stepped up and significantly reduced this as a potential source of noise.


When we combine this with the anti-turbulence blade design and frictionless hydraulic bearing design, Cougar has created a case fan that is virtually silent in all but the most extreme usage scenarios.  And for users that want that extra bit of performance for a session of gaming or overclocking, the Dual-X can really “grab” air at full voltage.  The Cougar Dual-X has me visualizing a full-tower build with six or seven Cougar Dual-X’s calling it home.  The only con that I can come up with for the Dual-X is that it is not a PWM fan.

cougar dual x 120mm case fan blue led


*   Aggressive 9-blade design with ridges and claws to grab air

*   64 cfm of airflow at 12 volts

*   Innovative hydraulic bearing design

*   Corner mounting cushions designed into fan frame

*   Generous 450 mm black-sheathed power cable

*   LEDs create nice visual effect

*   One year warranty


*   Not PWM-capable

cougar dual x 120mm case fan blue led cougar dual x 120mm case fan blue led

The 120mm version of Cougar Dual-X Case fan is currently available at for $19.99.  Cougar’s product page for the Dual-X series of fans can be viewed here.  We are proud to award the Cougar Dual-X 120mm case fan an Editor’s Choice award.  Well done, Cougar!

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