Crucial M500 480GB SSD Review – A New Benchmark For Incredible Affordability And Performance


Being the successor to the M4 series, the M500’s packaging is essentially identical. The same blue and white colour scheme is present on the front, with installation and contact information on the back:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD Crucial M500 480GB SSD

The SSD rests in a plastic shell with anti-static covering, and also comes with a 9.5mm spacer that sticks onto the drive via pre-applied adhesive strips:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD Crucial M500 480GB SSD

While the M4 is gunmetal-grey, the shell of the M500 is silver:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD

The aluminum shell is also very light and smooth to the touch, and can be easily removed by loosening the four screws:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD Crucial M500 480GB SSD

Once the screws are removed, we are greeted by the PCB. From here we remove four more screws to remove it from the enclosure:

Crucial M500 480GB SSDCrucial M500 480GB SSD

Interesting, Crucial added two QR codes to both parts of the covering. These codes lead to product information links for the M500 on Crucial’s website:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD Crucial M500 480GB SSD

As a reference the bottom-side of the enclosure is a wafer-thin shield, while the front is the usual bigger design due to the fact that the M500 is only 7mm thick:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD


  1. Amazing review Deepak. Must be good as you got linked by Engadget whereas…well…TSSDR never. eheheh.

  2. Can’t blame you two for the cheery mood! Both reviews are great, and I am very cheerful as well! 60 Cents/GB for a 3rd gen Marvel SSD, and at 960 GB capacity, means -for the first time- high-end rigs can be built without mechanical drives!

  3. What is it about SMART attributesAA and C4, new drive failing?!

  4. I like this review of that powerful Crucial M500 480GB SSD

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