Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP & Tactical LP 16GB Low-Profile Memory Review – A Perfect Fit

When it comes to memory there are a plethora of options from a vast amount of manufacturers. From specifications to design, memory modules have never looked better in every aspect. One concept that has remained constant however is size, which is exactly what Crucial aims to change.

crucial ballistix low profile memory

Crucial needs no introduction; they have remained one of the biggest computer hardware manufacturers for many years, namely RAM modules. Their Ballistix line has been particularly popular and versatile, encompassing the broad spectrum of casual and hardcore usage. The newest additions – Ballistix Tactical LP and Ballistix Sport VLP – aim to change the game with a small, low-profile footprint while retaining high-performance specifications.

crucial ballistix low profile memory

The 1.35v DDR3-1600MHz, PC3-12800 16GB kits go for roughly $80, and aim to not only make module installation easier, but to also perform better than the usual competing 1.50v sticks.


The Sport VLP’s come in a green/black mix, and the Tactical LP’s come in yellow; both share nearly identical packaging. The front of each shows information about the modules, and also gives a glimpse of the sticks:

crucial ballistix low profile memory crucial ballistix low profile memory

The back of the plastic shell packaging has Crucial’s contact information, as well as the features that make the Ballistix sticks unique:

crucial ballistix low profile memory

The specifications for the Sport VLP and Tactical LP kits are a tad different, but much of the essentials remain constant, including the 1.35v requirement. Note that the sticks are rated at different MHz and CAS latencies. The norm is usually seeing tighter, lower (but faster) timings for lesser MHz clock speeds, as illustrated by the Tactical LP’s which have an overall CAS latency of 8 at DDR3-1333 versus the CAS 9 of the Sport VLP’s at DDR3-1600:

crucial ballistix low profile memory

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