Deep Cool Captain 240 EX RGB Liquid Cooler Review


We set the fans for the Captain for exhaust through the radiator and plan to use top panel installation for the build. The two included fans are also colour-matched white to keep with the pure white theme of the Captain. The braided liquid tubes are a great addition as well.Needless to say the Captain installs like a dream, quick and easy with no hiccups. We really like the double bar mounting which restricts how much you can actually tighten the pump to the motherboard. It really ensures that you won’t over-tighten accidentally or improperly place the pump. Not that many of you would have that issue, but there is always that one person.We used our ASUS Strix 270i mini-ITX motherboard with an i7 7700k and what better time to sneak peek at Patriots new Viper White LED Dual Channel DDR4 then with an equally impressive white cooler.The pump really pops colours and Deep Cool did an outstanding job with the design of this AiO.

Testing and Performance.

Yes, the Captain looks great and glows beautifully but here is where we see what the unit is really made of and hopefully this unit isn’t all flash.

After an hour of  idling at default settings we have an average CPU Package Temp of 28.5C and the CPU Temp sitting at 27.5C.

Our first test will be a power hour stress-test on default settings. Monitoring our statistics will be AIDA64 Engineer edition.Running an average of 47.9C on the CPU and keeping the CPU package at 58.9C, are content with these temperatures as they are on the lower end of the i7 testing we have conducted lately.

The real test is the overclocking though. Unfortunately we have yet to find a CPU cooler that will keep the temperatures cool enough to get a full hour stress test in when pushing any higher than 5Ghz, we are still on the hunt. The Captain however made it half an hour at 5.1Ghz before we had our testing cut short by a force shut down. Progress!

Running the power hour stress-test overclocked to 5Ghz the results were good to stay the least. With an average CPU temp of 65.6C and the Package at 77.2C we are still running a little hot, but still stable.

We are really looking for that company who is going to show us how to keep these i7’s cool.

As for noise the Captain tested at an average of 45.8 dBa. Making us certain that sound wont’ be an issue with this unit.

Today we are going to take a look at a cooler from a company you don't see much of on TechX but after a successful trip to CES and some progress in  some great relationships we are happy to bring you today's review of the Captain 240 EX White RGB AiO Liquid Cooler.The Captain arrives in a very impressive retail ready package. From the overblown photo of the pump to the reflective lettering of the unit itself, the Captain is flashy. Around the back side of the box is where you'll find the details necessary to make an educated decision…

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Deep Cool!

The Captain 240 EX White RGB AiO liquid cooler is not only top notch in performance but aesthetics as well. Even if you think twice you'll come to the conclusion we did, so get one today!

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