EMTEC Stay Earbuds Wireless Review


Stay earbuds come with three different size ear cushions to maximize comfort and fit, using the clip to secure the cord to your shirt will also improve comfort as if will alleviate some of the weight of the earbuds.

Emtec Clip

We found if you didn’t secure it to the shirt that the main body would shift around when you moved and the ear buds would loosen out of the ear eventually. With the clip in use we walked, ran and biked and they didn’t’ seem to have an issue with staying snug and secure. The Stay Earbuds are retailing for $48.97 on amazon, which makes them a good bang for your buck when it comes to wireless headphones.

Overall, we were very impressed with EMTEC Stay Earbuds. At a price of $49, you really can’t go wrong for solid set of earbuds, never mind the fact that you are getting wireless connectivity. For all of this, we can easily award EMTEC with our Bronze Seal of Approval!

TechX Bronze Seal Opt

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Believe it or not, EMTEC originated as EMTEC Magnetics and further, BASF Magnetics, where in 1934 they invented the first magnetic tape for audio recording. BASF, now EMTEC, is a pioneer in the media industry, so it is easy to imagine the expected quality of the Stay Earbuds. The first thought that comes to our mind when seeing the packing is ... Flashy! This is what we perceive to be the intention of this slick shimmering box. A closer look to the front of the packaging will show you it's main features, as well as its compatibility with iOS/Android/Windows in the bottom…

Review Overview

Ease of use
Range and Connectivity

Innovative and impressive

Overall EMTEC has given us a good reliable product, weight and displacement of the main body seem to be the only issue. Reasonably priced and good sound.

User Rating: 2.04 ( 34 votes)

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