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One of the big questions with this technology is, “Well how do I know where I can get a charge?” Air Charge has you covered, with an easy to use app you’ll never be unsure of where to go when your batteries are getting low. DSC00283_Fotor_clipped_rev_1When you first open the app you’ll see the main screen which has a pulsing wave expanding from the Air Charge device in the middle. Advertising 3,479 locations world-wide at the time of this review. Now, you may not think that is a lot but this is a fairly new technology and we are more then certain that number will multiply exponentially in a very short time.  Below you will see the current map of where charging stations are located. MapAs you can see they have a strong presence in the USA and Europe and are starting to branch outwards and touch the rest of the world. We counted only 19 in Canada with the closest one to our review site being 289.5km away. The app also allows you to set a alarm to tell you when your battery reaches a certain level and needs to be charged, in case you don’t keep an eye on it yourself.DSC00285_Fotor_clipped_rev_1 There is also a option to rate locations where you use Air Charge and nominate others. This is great so that if you come across a new place that you didn’t have on your location page you can help out others who may be in the area another time.


If you wish to purchase your own charging pad it will cost you around $38.99USD form the Air Charge website. As well the iPhone cases will run you an additional $49.99 while a MFi charging receiver will set you back $21.99 for a mircro-USB and $28.99 for Apple Lightning. While we have no pricing from amazon we expect the near future to produce a little more availability.


Overall we are extremely excited for the future of Air Charge as they have plans to put themselves in coffee shops, Mcdonalds’, Hotels and the list goes on. Imagine that, not having to worry about bringing your phone charger because the hotel has Air Charge on the bed-side table. Now for those with Qi tech ready devices this is easy, but they also have an alternative for those of us who are not quite up-to-date with Qi tech devices. The use of a charging puck which will have a lighting and a micro-USB plug will allow older devices to plug-in and charge easily. IMG_6430_clipped_rev_1_Fotor_clipped_rev_2 The Air Charge is going to be there waiting for you when you forget your charger! The marketability of this idea is outstanding and we are extremely excited to see the future of Air Charge and for that we are proud to award it our top award, The Editors Pick!

technology-x-editors-choice-awareKeep A Close Eye For Air Charge Products on Amazon!

What is wireless charging? If asked, we would describe it as wireless charging as the ability to charge our wireless devices without having to plug it in anywhere. Simply, to receive a charge by placing our devices on or near the charging station. Over the past while we have seen products that have dabbled into the wireless charging realm but haven't quite grasped the attention of the everyday consumer. Well, the future is now and you, the consumer, will be happy with the Air Charge by Ergo. Qi TECHNOLOGY Let's start with a little introduction to Qi technology. This is…

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Air Charge has blown us away with the future of wireless device charging!

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