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HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO Review

Final Thoughts

HyperX really puts their consumers hearts and minds into the development of their gaming line of peripherals. Not only does HyperX’s Pulsefire Pro RGB deliver, but it also creates a more customizable experience compared to its predecessor. They subtracted some of the detailed packaging, however, what is on the inside is what counts. Paired with the Precision mouse pad we found a great synergy and would highly recommend getting the two of these together. With the FPS Pro this will be HyperX’s third mouse in their lineup but we feel like they have been here forever with the quality that has been displayed. Pick this mouse up for an MSRP of $59.99 USD as soon as possible! The Pulsefire FPS Pro RGB takes home a gold seal for great performance.


HyperX is one of the main players in the current development of peripherals for gamers everywhere. They have perfected the keyboard with the Alloy Elite RGB and were curious to see if they can continue the trend in gaming mice. HyperX sent us out their brand new Pulsefire FPS Pro. This is an upgrade from the original version, which featured a red LED. HyperX also graced us with their new Precision Fury mouse surface to test the synergy between these two products. Packaging Design & Specifications Minimal color and straight to the point we find the packaging on these two…

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The HyperX FPS Pro does so much right, why would you buy anything else? The friction-less movement, customization and low price of $59.99 make this perfect for any gamer.

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