Is VALVe Gearing Up To Battle Nintendo, Sony And Microsoft’s Next-Gen Gaming Consoles?

This is the same method used for selecting through the vast amount of heroes in VALVe’s newest game – Dota 2:


While you are playing, you can still access the Steam Community as usual, although I prefer the normal Steam layout. Again, I understand the interface for bigger screens, but this way you have to scroll from side to side to access information, instead of it all being display on one page as with the vanilla UI.


Detailed information is present for every game you own, which is presented once you select the particular game you wish to play:


Lastly we have the account settings area and web browser. You probably will not be spending too much time in account settings unless you opt into Steam beta offers, or if you change your account name and picture often, so we will focus more on the web browser.


The Steam browser has been revamped from what we are used to. The full-screen coverage looks very nice and detailed, and there is even a comprehensive drop-down menu to make it easier for controller users:


Finally going around full-circle, when BPM is idle, your store, library, and community lists will appear as shifting tiles in the background:


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  1. “The method on how this will happen leads me to believe that the Steam console will be based on cloud infrastructure ”

    Sorry, but this is ridiculously stupid. Valve doesn’t play in the cloud-streaming game and that game isn’t ready for prime time.

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