Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphone Review

There is nothing better than latching on to a piece of technology that just makes sense.  In the case of today’s look at the Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth headphones, the first question that came to mind was that of why I hadn’t grabbed a set of wireless headphones sooner.  After all, I have had headphone cords hanging from my ears ,at least during some point of each day, for as long as I can remember.  Ahhhh…but I found another unique benefit as well.

Bluebuds X

The Jaybird Bluebuds X are very high quality secure fit wireless earphones that connect by way of Bluetooth.  They have a patented secure fit technology which allows for wearing of the Bluebuds X with the cord either below or above the ear.  The photo above shows their half-moon shaped ear cushions that fit snugly along the contour of the inner ear.  Battery life is listed at 8 hours and we can verify that you will get at least eight hours of play before recharge.

Bluebuds X USB ConnectionBluebuds X EarpieceThe Bluebuds X have a lifetime warranty against sweat damage, have Jaybird’s Signal Plus which allows you to place your BT device anywhere on your person, or even in the near vicinity when you are at the gym, and also have Jaybird’s SHIFT and PureSound Technology which results in less white noise and a much better sound for those longer workouts.  Frankly, these headphones have amazing sound right out of the box.

Bluebuds X also allow you to use either the Apple or Android equalizer of your music device or smartphone to fine tune your sound and we were able to verify this by pairing to both our iPAD and Samsung Galaxy Note II.  When turning them on and off, you will first hear ‘Jenna’ who tells you when the headphones are powered on and off, as well as being connected.

BlueBuds X Accessories

The package ships with a shell case, soft microbag, the Bluebud X earphones, charging USB cable as well as three sizes of earpieces and secure fit cushions.  The secure fit cushions are created to follow the contour of the ear providing a more stable fit during exercise.

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