KingFast E-Drive Pro KF2510SCF 120GB SLC SSD Review – Blistering SLC Performance At The Enterprise Level


Moving on to the real-world tests, we see that the SandForce SF-2281 FSP is more than capable of boosting overall productivity. The file copy results are pretty quick for duplicating and moving around data:

data transfer

windows 7 boot times

Again, absolutely staggering results on a clean system. What is scary that the speeds could be even faster if tests were done on Windows 8 (although a tad skewed), and if Steam was not network dependent!


The KingFast E-Drive Pro KF2510SCF 120GB SLC SSD is an absolute beast of an SSD. There really is no denying that, especially considering it absolutely crushed the benchmarks, including the vaunted AS-SSD behemoth; mind you, using top-grade Intel 29F16B16NCNE1 SLC NAND flash chips and LSI’s SandForce SF-2281 certainly helps a ton in that regard. Not only did the SSD breeze through compressible data – but even incompressible was not an issue for it. It is the first time we have seen an SSD perform astonishingly well in every test and benchmark tool we threw at it.

KingFast E-Drive KF2510SCF 120GB 2.5- SATA 3 SLC SSD

Price at around $280, it is a little tough to swallow considering you can get more than double the space going with MLC-based SSDs. To be fair however, the KingFast E-Drive Pro 120GB does come with added goodies – 3.5″ adapter and SATA cable – as well as a three-year warranty, although we would have preferred the industry standard of five years. This is also SLC we are talking about, and we can expect the slight bump in price.

KingFast E-Drive KF2510SCF 120GB 2.5- SATA 3 SLC SSD

Overall we are thoroughly pleased with the KingFast E-Drive Pro KF2510SCF 120GB SLC SSD and certainly recommend the premium for a quality solid-state drive of this calibre. While it is meant for industrial and enterprise environments, there is no question it is worth the investment with top-notch internals, especially so for those utilizing servers as it would make an exceptional OS/caching drive paired with an LSI RAID controller. The sheer all-round raw performance, efficiency, endurance, and robustness are phenomenal in every aspect, and too difficult to not simply drool over!

Tech X Editors Choice Opt

The KingFast E-Drive Pro KF2510SCF 120GB SLC SSD can be purchased at for the listed price of $279.00 USD.

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