Nikon D3200 Camera Review – An Exceptional Entry-Level DSLR


f/3.8, 1/60, ISO 500, 20mm:

nikon d3200 f/3.8, 1/60, ISO 500, 20mm

Macro f/8, 1/60. ISO 100, 38mm Flash:nikon d3200 Macro f/8, 1/60. ISO 100, 38mm Flash

100% crop details are very fine:

nikon d3200 Macro f/8, 1/60. ISO 100, 38mm Flash crop

In this example video you will notice my sweet little nephew – my model doing what babies do, having the aperture set to f/3.5 (the widest the kit lens can go). It creates a nice blurred background effect but the settings can only be changed before the video is shot. The subject also blurs due to recording video with single AF hence you can hear the “autofocus noise” and witness the auto refocusing.

When outside on a breezy day; you may notice the mono microphone picking up a lot of wind in the background. The sound settings can be adjusted unless you have a sheltered external microphone. Coupled with constant autofocusing noises and repeated refocusing we wouldn’t give this camera any major awards for video. In a controlled setting however, with proper lighting and equipment, the D3200 can achieve beautiful results – high contrast and exceptional colour reproduction to give an example.

We had a very late spring in our city and most of the days have been overcast, so our video sample isn’t anywhere near as good as others. Just sit back and enjoy the “lovely”  Winnipeg weather.


  1. Great post and photos. I couldn’t decide whether to opt for the D3200 or
    the D5100. See my musings here. Be interested if eveyone agrees with my
    verdict! Cheers James

  2. While the Nikon D3200 is the newest entry level DSLR from Nikon, overall I think the D3100 is still the better entry level DSLR camera. While there more pixels on the D3200, they are half the size of the pixels on the D3100. \

    • @Menshealth99 Honestly I never really got the chance to play with the D3100 too much, I like some of the newer features of the D3200 over the D3100. Pixel size aside both cameras are practically the same. and you are guaranteed decent shots even as a novice photographer. I will have to compare the two cameras one day for a head to head breakdown.
      Thanks foe the reply

    • yeah..we should have just one but big pixel, right?

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