Ozone Neon Gaming Mouse and Lepton Mouse Pad – The Perfect Combo!

The Ozone Neon features 8 programmable buttons found for the right and left click, scroll wheel, and quick access buttons found on the left and right side.

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Inside the Neon you will find Omron D2FC-F-7N white switches, which will easily offer a lifespan of at least a few million clicks. The clicks are quite accurate and when medium pressure is applied you can hear an audible clicking noise. The precision laser sensor is that of the Avago ADNS A9500, which is more controllable for tracking mouse movement.

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After plugging the Neon in and a brief install period the program and mouse are up and running. The Neon comes with a small software disc or is easily accessible off the Ozone website. The Ozone Neon program loads to its BUTTON SETTINGS screen as shown above. Each button is individually customizable to any of the options in the drop down.

Neon Home Screen

The buttons on the sides of the mouse work as pairs rather than individually so the button on the one side will always do the same as its partner on the opposite side. Familiarity with most of these commands is normal whereas a few are new designed specifically towards the Neon, such as the PROFILE, CPI SWITCH and ASSIGN MACRO. To switch from Right to Left hand use simply click and hold the “1” button and the “3” button until it notifies you in the bottom right corner saying Orientation LEFT – Use the “2” and “3” buttons for RIGHT ORIENTATION.

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The Neon has five customizable profiles for different aspects of the mouse usage. Whether used for gaming, graphic design or everyday browsing use. Having that ability at the click of a button is great for multitasking one thing I noticed though is ensure your profile switch button is the same on each profile or you’ll have to launch the program every time you want to switch back or forth. The button to the aft of the scroll ball is preloaded as the CPI (counts per inch) button, this controls the DPI cycle which is speed the mouse will move at. The higher the DPI the less movement is needed to cover more screen space. There are four preloaded DPI settings and are colour coordinated, Red is 800, Green 1800, Blue 3500 and Aqua 6400.


The colours change when the CPI CYCLE button is clicked. There are three ways to know the CPI has been changed, the color of the 6 button and scroll ball, the CPI shows in the bottom right corner with a red background as shown above or you can estimate based on how fast the cursor itself is moving. Finally the ASSIGN MACRO ability allows you to individually assign a specific mouse button to a certain combination of key strokes including delays. Such as online gaming you see the round being shot from behind you and you want to jump to the prone while firing off a few rounds, this mouse will do that for you. Simply assign the button you want to program to ASSIGN MACRO go to the macro manager screen and click NEW, then when ready hit record and enter the combination of keys you wish the mouse to play when the Macro button is hit. This feature is paramount for gaming as it allows you to preprogram responses to common threats or situations to stay that half second ahead of the enemy.

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As seen on the left side of the NEON program the DPI is fully customizable by the scroll bars. Simply move it to the speed you wish and hit apply. You can also shut off DPI settings by clicking the red light to the left of each setting. Further into the system settings you’ll see the ability to alter the speed you need to hit the click button to perform the double click, the windows pointer speed as well as the precision assist for the pointer. The speed in which the scroll wheel scrolls is also adjustable. Finally within the Advanced settings you can adjust the Polling rate (rate the mouse sends information to the computer) it is measured in Hz and gives a lag time in mili-seconds. The Neon giving you 128 KB’s of built in storage to allow up to five programmable Profiles ensures that you never run out of buttons to push. Whether you’re setting five game profiles or one for each activity you do, never will you be stumped on what or how to achieve your computing goals.

Ozone Gaming Gear is a predominantly European brand of gaming peripherals who is working to migrate their phenomenal gear to the America's, which from what we have seen so far, this will not be difficult at all! Today we have the privilege of looking at the Ozone Neon Gaming Mouse with an accompanying Lepton Gaming Mouse Pad. With their black and red designed packaging the Ozone Neon and Lepton demand attention and captivate for a more intimate look. OZONE LEPTON GAMING MOUSE PAD Typically, gaming mouse pads are a dime a dozen, but upon opening the Lepton you can just feel a…

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With a variety of profiles and options, Ozone's Neon is a great mouse for the casual gamer. It's a good pick to get into the action quickly, effectively and economically!

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