Ozone Neon Gaming Mouse and Lepton Mouse Pad – The Perfect Combo!


Teaming up with the Lepton mouse pad is the Ozone Neon Precision laser gaming mouse.

On the front side we see an overhead shot of the Neon, with some preliminary specs about what we can expect from this gaming mouse.

Ozone and Lepton-3

On the flip side we dig into a few more details about the Neon, such as the On-The-Fly toggle, the light sensor and programmable button locations. We also see Ozone’s slogan “It’s All About Evolution”.

Ozone and Lepton-2

There is a flap on the front of the box, so that when you open it up you see exactly what you are buying, with a brief description of the gaming mouse.

Ozone and Lepton-4

Inside the box you will find not only the mouse, but a software CD, user manual and sticker.

Ozone and Lepton-5

This ambidextrous mouse is more than what meets the eye, with its ergonomic shape that fits the palm of your hand comfortably, especially when it weighs in at 120 g with the USB cable. In case you don’t like the white, you can also pick up the Neon in blue, red and black.

Ozone and Lepton-17

The gold-plated USB connection that measured 1.8 meters means there shouldn’t be any place on your desk it couldn’t reach.

Ozone and Lepton-19

Let’s take a look at the specs before we plug and play. The Neon features a 6400 DPI laser sensor, that is capable to be adjusted  “on the fly” to DPI’s of 6400, 3500, 1800 and 800. The Neon also features an LED indicator that changes based upon which DPI setting you are on. The mouse also has an adjustable response rate from 2 to 65, 190 and 255 ms. Lastly the polling rate can be adjusted from 125 to 250, 500 and 1000 Hz.

Ozone and Lepton-1

Ozone Gaming Gear is a predominantly European brand of gaming peripherals who is working to migrate their phenomenal gear to the America's, which from what we have seen so far, this will not be difficult at all! Today we have the privilege of looking at the Ozone Neon Gaming Mouse with an accompanying Lepton Gaming Mouse Pad. With their black and red designed packaging the Ozone Neon and Lepton demand attention and captivate for a more intimate look. OZONE LEPTON GAMING MOUSE PAD Typically, gaming mouse pads are a dime a dozen, but upon opening the Lepton you can just feel a…

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With a variety of profiles and options, Ozone's Neon is a great mouse for the casual gamer. It's a good pick to get into the action quickly, effectively and economically!

User Rating: 4.73 ( 2 votes)

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